Ben Raemers RIP

Sorry the key bit I left out is the culpability. When I was suffering last year I started reading about The Chimp Paradox. Basically it’s an analogy for part of your brain and you have an “inner chimp”. It is not your rational thoughts and this who or what I meant is culpable.

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Gutted to not be able to make it on Monday

I respect Roger and his response. That’s his opinion. He’s angry about what’s happened and is being honest about how he feels. It is right or wrong? Who are we to judge him?


He’s being a dick,was he inside Ben’s head?

He’s not being a dick he’s just got a very narrow view on the matter. He’s being insensitive though.

As soon as someone says, ‘I’ve been in a dark place too and didn’t kill myself” or words too that affect, I stop listening. It’s clear they have a very one sided view about depression.

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A lot of people don’t even know that depression is an illness. People who suffer from it aren’t guilty of anything, they just need help.
Haven’t listened to Roger, probably won’t.

It’s a beautiful day, the birds are singing.


Nail + Head = This

Wow! I wonder if this is official?


I think somebody did approach the local council to ask if they could change the name. At the time I think they would have to make a decision on it, but guess they must have come through with it.

This is rad. Let’s go skate there next time I’m in town.

From what I understand, it is just a google maps name change as the parks authority had said a name change was not possible.


I was just popping in to post the Jenkem article to go with that.


Just watched this sat outside with the Mrs and little one. Couldn’t help but shed a tear.

I really hope we can all continue to talk to each other and help one another through difficult periods in our lives.



I tried typing this last night and couldn’t really find the words. Nobodies passing has got me harder than Ben’s, and he was a complete stranger to me.

That first 3 minutes of that is the only Ben that I knew and every time I see it I just feel like my stomach is about to drop out.

It’s just unimaginable that someone with that much happiness was at some point suffering so badly.

Can’t help but think about the people that knew him and what they are going through.


Randomly came across this on Instagram.

Ben Raemer’s cousin is training to do an ultramarathon raising money for the Ben Raemers foundation which is in the process of being set up.

Check out the Parade online skate shop