Berrics come back

Pinched from Slap.

…aaaaaand zero fucks were given


Be interested to see if anything changes.

Five years without any influence is just a lie. Berra has been beefing with people via the Berrics insta on the regs for ages. He’s evidently had control of the Berrics insta.

Nothing will dramatically change. It’ll continue to be a massive piece of turd.


They’re idiots. They sold to hype beast and then complain they had no control. Absolute morons.

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The Berrics has struggled with its own identity for years - no longer able to compete with premium content against Thrasher, can’t compete with YouTube for kid-friendly content, and just reposts other peoples stuff on Instagram. I think the shift away from people visiting individual websites for content to YouTube/social in the late 00s hurt them.

All the while being very vocally run by a thin-skinned, narcissistic child-man.

I don’t doubt they were pushing into certain avenues for growth purposes, but for them to place all the blame for the decline onto other people is a very Berra thing to do


I may be very wrong here. But I remember initially when it launched they said it was gonna be a private skatepark and that it would be an opportunity missed not to film some of those sessions. But the beauty of it being there would be no sponsors logos all over the park or funding certain features… Not long after it was surrounded with adverts and sponsorships.

It’s not for me and hasn’t been for a long time but at the same time it’s free content so if I don’t like it I just ignore it. Similar with nine club. Certain things will gain my interest and I will engage, but it’s very few and far between. Realistically a bloke in his mid 30’s who hasn’t touched his board for over 12 months probably isn’t the demographic either are going for though.


The magic of the early Berrics for me was seeing park footage of those you rarely saw in skateparks (Reynolds,Greco, Benny Fairfax etc). United Nations was a cool feature aswell. Occasionally rewatch the old Volcom and Blueprint ones, it seems like these were the first ones where they specifically arranged for the whole crew to be on the session rather and whatever you got, you got rather than amassing clips individually


Yeah I used to like watching people skate the park, not the usual skate robots, but more like the real street skaters, but skating transition a little and seeing how consistent they were.

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To be fair to the Berrics, the first 5 years or so was pretty good and was defining of that era - they put out good stuff. I used to check it a couple of times a day 08/09 which is mad to think about now

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The Battle Commander parts were always good.

This announcement feels a little odd though and anything at all involving Berra now will be even odder still I’m sure.

They should just bin it off and start something new. Maybe call it Kosta and sell coffee instead.


I think I preferred Hypebeast controlling the Berrics.

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berra is such a melt


Actually I think I’m going to stop being cruel to Berra. He needs to realise it’s impossible to micromanage every single person’s opinion on the internet. He should just do what he does and not give a fuck. Leave the PR to professionals.


I do feel a bit sorry for him as well.

I bet he wanked so hard when he finished that. It’s the writing equivalent of the self indulgent bass guitar solo that never ends and the band are all looking at each other wondering when then can go home.


I also intensely dislike people who sign off with their initials. Sign off with your full name or not at all. Don’t presume I know what your initials mean.



Complete spanner

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Huge ‘boomer on the internet’ energy.

“I know exactly what will get the kids engaging with our site: a new hashtag!”