Bicycle Thread

The old bicycle thread seems to have disappeared so I am taking the liberty of starting a new one so we can discuss @buildafire’s BMX.

I’ve always hankered after a BMX and never managed to own one in 40+ years of riding bicycles. If @buildafire has one I feel like it’s OK to get one now.


Yes, it’s now fine. It’s bike number three for me, and currently the most used because you don’t need to actually go anywhere on it.

Doing anything at all on it feels like a bit of an achievement, and bunny hopping up kerbs is the best feeling since ollieing up them. Hitting a stone and going flying in front of a group of school children isn’t going to happen either.


Also do watch this:

Absolute fucking madness. Staples Centre ender is at 23:00, if you can’t be bothered.


Can you do a wheelie, and how is it going brakeless?

I could have almost typed that myself.

I have got a couple of BMX’s though… one a Mk1 Raleigh Ultra Burner I restored about 20 years ago and the other a really rusty, early, Team Murray that I was given at the end of a car boot sale when I asked the seller how much it was.

I like the idea of getting a more modern one - especially now. :grin:


I’m learning manuals (wheelie with no peddling) because they look cooler.

Brakeless is fine because I’m not really in traffic. You just jam your foot into the bit where a calliper brake would be and that slows you down. It is a little weird not being able to slow down with your legs, like on fixed gear, but the thing feels so completely different that you’re not instinctively trying to do anything that you’d do on a different bike.

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I follow quite a few Japanese BMXers. They seem to have their own style within BMX, much like Japanese skaters do. They also wear way better trousers than Western BMXers.

I really like this guy, Yumi Tsukuda.


How do the trousers compare to Japanese skateboarder trousers?

Shoes aren’t really a thing in BMX, it seems. Mostly Vans Eras or Half Cabs and etnies, with some Nike.

Hops to manuals look really cool.

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I have a DK Cygnus 24 incher

It’s great fun when I remember I have it and actually ride it.

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I really wanted one of these as a kid, got a really shit knock off. But it’s fine. Fine.

I’ve been internet sleuthing on the topic for a while. I like how the bikes look with the current fashion for running a longer seatpost and a more horizontal top tube.

i got a reissued Super Tuff Burner just chilling doing nothing.
I did ride it for a bit but someone called me Nathan Barley, over it.


Nowhere near Tightbooth levels.

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Has to be said BMXers are generally hard as nails as well. Seen a guy do a backflip air over the spine at stockwell, airs 10 ft + out etc. Heard a story about Pirate Tony who was a legendary local. A load of them were chilling at stockwell having a smoke or something, with their bikes on the floor, a couple of well scary rude boys came over and just said “right we’re taking these bikes” Tony just went “are you fuck” grabbed someones board and just decked the nearest one with it, there was a bit of a scrap, rudies fucked off saying ‘we’ll be back’. Never came back

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There’s a limit. You’d get all tangled up.

Textile Street, yeah? Making me want to watch the whole thing again


Saw this at the cinema. Hyped.

Bit of a landmark in aussie cinema too I think

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I have a some BMXs in my bike quiver. I have 20’’ Stolen, 24’’ Stolen, a 1983 Skyway T/A and an S&M Dirt Bike. The Dirt Bike is still awol after I lent it to my sister during Covid.

One brake on the T/A and the smaller Stolen. The 24’’ I have a front and rear on it as my wife rides it occasionally and the Dirt Bike was brakeless but I stuck a rear brake on before letting my sister borrow it. It’s probably got a front brake, basket, mirrors, streamers and Spokey Dokeys on it now.

I rode BMX a bit early 80’s. Then got right into it again alongside skating when the street thing started kicking off 86/87 ish - learned wallrides from flat on a bike before I did on a skateboard and I can still do them, (on both bikes and boards). I’ve dabbled on and off since then.

I can’t help but ride a BMX like an idiot - I get on and I have to go as fast as possible, bunnyhop everything in sight and tyre grind curbs left right and centre. It instantly puts a smile on my face. Recently I have had some recurring dreams about chainring grinding walls and ledges until my chainring’s flat on one side. I still have a few ‘legit’ tricks down, blunts and feebles haven’t gone anywhere.

I hit up a little dirt jump spot near me. It’s all pretty tiny in the grand scale of things. Fun and safe-ish. I’ve crashed on enough MTB trails and bigger dirt spots to know my limit these days. As much as I’d love to huck, the juice just isn’t worth the squeeze.

Watching Union Tapes has me reminiscing and feeling nostalgic about it. It’s weird though, seeing those interviews makes me realise how long ago some of this was and almost makes me understand how old I am. It’s not the same for me with skating. I’m aware of the timeline but somehow it all feels kind of contemporaneous. Maybe it’s because I never quit skating but just dipped in and out of BMX.

Just watched this - there’s a bit of skate cross over and mentions in here.