Blodney you plonker!

His captions are tediously verbose. Anyways, will anyone bother to pick him up? He’s got the Instagram followers, but has he got any tricks?

I’m sure he’s already got a plan. Is he first person to ever leave?

Not sure if he is the first to leave.

Who else rode for them who doesn’t now?
Will Ainley, Louie Jones…I can’t imagine they got booted but then I also can’t imagine there was a point where they actually quit.

He is flogging £280 sun glasses, £70 tees and £140 hoodies under the brand Blondey.


God bless you ma’am

very boring stuff

Was he considered technically pro for Palace? I mean yeah he was in all the vids and shit but I don’t recall him ever having a pro board - That being said I don’t doubt he must have something planned as jumping ship with the popularity of Palace right now is a strange move, Thames boards maybe?

Cannot comprehend how someone would see a t-shirt for £70 and be like ‘yes I’m having that’

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I guess he’s probably wanting to get fully into fashion and riding for a brand that is essentially a fashion label might be being a bit restrictive?

I still find it weird that he’s only 21

I heard somewhere his dad put up a large donation to LLSB if that’s what you mean?

True. Outside of starting his own thing, I honestly can’t think of anything suitable for him. But then again, he’s on Adidas, got a fashion label, does modelling, has money already - does he even need a board sponsor? If you don’t want to be pro, why bother with that side of it?

Blondey is a fucking rad skater. Probably just got loads of other shit happening. I’m also probably wrong too.

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He always surprises me when I see clips of him, in a good way. Good luck for whatever he’s pursuing, more often than not he gets a fucking grilling, especially on here/N26 which I think at times is unfair. So he comes from a family of privilege, that’s really not his fault. His Instagram is crafted for a different audience than the typical UK skateboarder, but can you blame him? It works for him, he makes whatever he makes. If this is how he chooses to direct his career then let him get on with it.

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Nah, fuck rich kids selling £70 t-shirts. No war but class war.


I really like blondeys skating, it gets me so hyped and that recent bronze clip he shared with Shawn P was dope, really individual tricks and skating, I always find myself enjoying his footage.

The thing that bugs me is not that he comes from an upper class family, but the fact he’s used a working class Londoner image to be at the place he is now. He seems like such a lovely dude in his interviews and I think that’s so rad too/ but that’s the problem, it’s total ignorance. He went fully in to defend that hetty Douglas lass when she got made an example of taking the piss out of some brickies in a McDonald’s. Someone commented on that post telling blondey ‘he’s part of the problem’ and I couldn’t agree more. I mean. Would blondey own a fashion label and have had the opportunities to make it big time- like he has- if he was actually working class? I severely doubt it. So to profit off that culture is just something that doesn’t sit right with me. Especially in a time of so extreme austerity and poverty in this country.


Also- Louie Jones! Totally forgot about that guy riding for palace. Had some wild tricks. Anyone know what he’s up to know?

Aaaah I remember this now. A really valid point, I think his whole ‘working class’ angle completely passed me by. I understand how this kind of appropriation can rub people up the wrong way. It’s a difficult position to defend, I hadn’t fully considered that. Thanks for highlighting for me, a good point for me to think about.

While he was never officially pro for Palace, he did put out a few Thames boards out through them.