Blodney you plonker!

I’m really cut up about this. Absolutely gutted I am.


That might sound harsh about this boy…I’m actually now totally indifferent about anyone who rides for any team.

I haven’t given a fuck about team rosters for years. It’s basically meaningless.

Actually there’s one exception - Shawn Powers. He’s fucking awful as a skateboarder and person and it riles me a bit that he presumably pays his way through life thanks to his sponsors.

Everyone else though…couldn’t give a shit.


Just as long as this doesn’t mean a greater platform for his ‘art’ … the crappy collages are crap. More skate footage, less GCSE ring binder cover art .

spot on

How do you mean “never really fit”? Because he isn’t a broke street rat?
Not having a pop - just am not 100% sure why he isn’t a fit.

Also - another thought on leaving - I wonder whether it was born because of contractual issues? My thinking is that as mentioned, blondey operates in a different world. He is represented and managed by Kate Moss’ agency (I think), and the name Blondey is his trademark. So, in theory, if he were to have a Palace board with his name on, that name would need to be licenced…and Kate Moss’ agency would need to be involved in that plus take their cut. So, maybe it is just financially not viable to put his name on a board?
Who knows…I mean, I’m 100% guessing here. But it would be kinda interesting (in a really nerdy way) if his name was actually too valuable for a board brand to use it.

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A guy leaves a company that is doing well and not built around that particular individual, whoopee.
Life goes on.

His Dads Money saved southbank - gets a pass

Who is his dad?

Jacob Rees EggNog?

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Thames is half owned by the Palace guys (Gareth Lloyd Skewis, Levent James Tanju), with the other half being Thomas Elben Hage - Blondey McCoy). It’s all on Companies House website, if you can be arsed trawling through who owns what, and how much they’re making. GSLT holdings is the overall owner of the various Palace bits.

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Could this explain why Blondey’s now knocked Thames on the head then and is selling his merch under his own name? Sounds like there’s been some sort of falling out amongst the higher ups, LondonSkater could well be right.

Holy hell:

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Fucking hell :open_mouth:

I think he was a better fit than Olly Todd but this all seems rather odd doesn’t it. That store is very weird indeed.

We forget that people lap this “exclusivity” shit right up and none of us are that type of person.

“I really like blondeys skating, it gets me so hyped and that recent bronze clip he shared with Shawn P was dope, really individual tricks and skating, I always find myself enjoying his footage.”

Nothing like sharing a part with the worst looking skater in the whole world to make your footage look good.
Jk, I don’t mind his footage, I don’t like it and I won’t purposely watch it but it’s not the offensive thing ever.

Also, Priviledge = opportunity.
So does not matter what anyone says, he is where he is because he has had opportinity, way more and easier options than anyone from an average background. Imagine the work some kid straight out of college/uni would have to put in to get even a sniff of what Blondey has achieved. And with that standard of art? Not a fucking chance, Average dude would be working and will have stopped doing that art 6 months after completing their education.
I’m not hating on Blondey for this, it’s not his fault, he’s going to take his opportunities like we all would in that situation, it’s just reality and in a way we’re jealous because we don’t have that access whether we’re conciously jealous or not. Making your own way when you have money is a poisoned chalice but it’s a nice and easy poison to happily drink.


^ Well put

That clip wasn’t all that.

The best thing about that site is that the number of options for filtering the products (15) is equal to the number of products (15).

The worst thing about that site is absolutely everything else including the (deliberate I guess) misspelling of Blondey as BLondey and the quote which starts as a single quotation mark but ends with a double.

Maybe paying even the the tiniest amount of attention isn’t cool or something.

Also, the headline ‘how to become a member’ should clearly be ‘why you should bother becoming a member’ with a grovelling 300 words after it explaining the benefits of becoming a member.

For some reason it currently just has text explaining that you get the privelege of spending lots of money on shoddy shit, which is a bit confusing. That must have been some joke placeholder text they forgot to replace I guess.


‘Blondey holds the right to both award and revoke Membership at his discretion’

hahaha ffs

I skated PlayStation the other week on me day off and ended up having a sick sesh for a few hours with some younger folk. When they left, this dude told me that one of them was Brooklyn Beckham. Quick google search confirmed this and can say this, you would t of know he could of bought bay66 a million times over. If he started a company with his dads money I wouldn’t be upset and that day showed he loves skating, and he’s not rubbish either!

More of a pointless topic but semi relevant here.