Inspired by the illegal tricks thread:

Most claimed backside noseblunt slides down handrails are ollie over to frontside noseslides.

amirite? Can anyone link me to a proper bsnb slide? At what point (or specific angle) is a nb slide a fsns?

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Surely it becomes an FSNS if the tail drops below the rail. I don’t know because the way you pop over it’s still technically a BSNB.

There some Ricta add on Thrasher at the moment. Thats a proper BSNB on a handrail.

This open the can of worms of popping straight on (on a ledge), is it a BS Noseblunt???


In my opinion, as someone who has never done one, on a rail it depends on where the pressure is. If its on the nose - noseslide, if its on the baseplate/wheels - noseblunt. I guess that means if the board is horizontal or angled up

If you ollie over a rail it’s a backside noseblunt. That’s the end of the debate.

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absolutely no way. i’d argue it’s almost impossible to properly blunt/nose blunt a rail and it’s really a ledge trick

so so many people do those flat slides, how the hell is that a blunt? it’s a freaking nose/tail slide

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No, if you dip to level then you ollied over to noseslide, that’s a trick too. Shame people don’t want to claim that trick and would prefer to call it noseblunt for whatever made up kudos.

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BS Overnose

There’s more people out there calling lipslides ollie over to boardslides than I thought.


Clearly bsnb slide