Buying / Trading 90s skateboard tees / hoodies / crewneck sweatshirts

Does anyone in this group happen to have any old OG skateboard tees / hoodies / crewneck sweaters in any condition from the 90s era especially for me to add to my collection I am looking for some of the following brands to name a few:

World Industries
Alien Workshop
Toy Machine
Black Label

Please comment below or send me a DM with any items you have available that you may consider selling or trading. Thanks in advance. :facepunch:t2::boom:

Some I dug out about 10 years ago


Hi Spanky,
You have some interesting ones amongst those lot for sure & I am wondering if any of them might perhaps still be available ??
Let me know & if you wanted to add me on insta & check out my growing archive my username is the same @sweepskate_archive

Hope to here back from you soon to work something out.

Anybody know who @dhedzz is?

Guy has amazing stuff.

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I find it weird that all of a sudden people are going mad over this era tees to flip for profit. Collectors moaning about non skater vultures trying to pick at their old wardrobes.

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@dhedzz is a well known Japanese collector

I couldn’t agree with you more in some way, a lot of the younger generation have started to get in to the 90s vintage skateboarding scene & it seems to be a few of the same kids that were buying & flipping supreme & palace a few years ago.
I am 34 years old & started skating when I was 9/10 years old so have been around through the 90s era but not in its entirety as a skater.

I wasn’t questioning your motives man, all good. If it’s nostalgia for the person, I get it, I just spent good money on some OG transformers for display in my studio and have bought a few early 90’s decks for the same reason. I could easily get into collecting if I had the wall space, luckily I don’t. tee’s however, I don’t see the grab :wink:

No worries at all dude I understood where you were coming from 100% & didn’t take offence one bit.
I think you hit the nail in the head in terms of wall space with regards to decks as I have a few of them in the wall but I am by no means looking to buy more unless they are serious graphics I’m after & also that fit nicely in my home.
I think many things ended up in boxes In lofts over the years & it’s nice to be able to revive it all in terms of clothing from my personal perspective & perhaps one day I will display the 120(+) items that’s always growing In a gallery style format for the scene to enjoy in all its glory.

Strangely, there’s a fair few old Alien Workshop shirts on Etsy. Might be worth a look. Not sure what it’s like for other brands though.

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I’d love some old Menace tees and sweatshirts. They had some great designs

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Well there it is boys.


Is my style of skating vintage cos its when I learned how to skate?
70’s/80’s must be bordering on antique

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“Vintage” is a colloquialism commonly used to refer to all old styles of clothing. A generally accepted industry standard is that items made between 20 years ago and 100 years ago are considered “vintage” and they clearly reflect the styles and trends of the era they represent.

Didn’t some Powell boards appear on antiques road show once.

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Not what I was commenting on, but OK.

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