Buying / Trading 90s skateboard tees / hoodies / crewneck sweatshirts

Hahaha bet he’s great at teaching his gran how to suck eggs


What was it you meant then sorry perhaps I miss understood your point ??

Sorry I thought it was fairly obvious dude but I guess we can’t all be that sharp especially as we all get older :rofl::rofl:

I have a few menace tees also I will post up a few photos over the coming days

Sarcasm mainly

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Job done :white_check_mark:

Been inundated with stuff already today so wanted to thank all the users in this forum already for sure & was wondering if perhaps anymore people could help out :facepunch:t2::boom:

Inundated? Wow.

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stoked is an understatement :facepunch:t2::boom:

Sick! Shout those rulers out, spread the love!

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You should totally thank the people from here who hooked you up man, it’s the nice thing to do.

I’m going to have to turn down your Instagram follow request, because I don’t know you. Sometimes I post pictures of old clothes too though.


I have a really nice Droors pull over actually from the same era as your tees

That’s much later.

Sell me this please.

do you perhaps have anything you might be willing to trade from the 90s era for it ?

I’m not convinced dude as I know my history of the brand but if you know so then let’s leave it at that

What size shoe are you?