I’ll start by saying that the new Defender is absolutely gigantic, I think it is the tallest regular production car they have ever made.

This was the from the Rugby WC (remember competitive sport anyone?!):

He looks tiny in it!

I think the best thing about the defender was that it was quite compact before?

It’s a bit like the old mini and the new one.

It also looks like a discovery.

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I don’t mind the look of it so much if a huge SUV is what you’re looking for but using the Defender name just seems like a marketing move to me.

I don’t get it. It’s not really a defender is it? You’re hardly going to patch it up with some Ali checker plate when you bugger one of those panels up.

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To be fair Land Rover just aren’t that kind of company any more, they followed the money out in the Middle East and Asia and it served them pretty well. The reliabiltiy is still an issue though which I know from owners of new models and those working at JLR as well.

It’s a shame though as from what I can tell the OG Defender’s popularity was growing if anything!

Those OG defenders look even better when they are dented to fuck as well


I had a couple of friends with OG defenders that they just ran and ran. They said they were amazing to drive around built up areas, because other drivers knew that they didn’t give shit if they got hit when people tried to edge in on them or push past them.

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Uuurrrgghhh. Needs a snorkel or not a landrover.

Clean ones look amazing in dark grey though. Always wanted one, will never have one though.

The V8 ones are fun, I blatantly wouldn’t buy one though.

You say that, but what if you need to pull a cow out of a ditch?


I had a Range Rover test drive for a week and 2 days in the power steering went and it wouldn’t turn off. Only had 98 miles on the clock. They didn’t seem to get why I didn’t want to buy it I had to swear at them and say it was Shit in the end.

Don’t think I know anybody who has ever had a decent Land Rover product as much as everyone wants the build to match the looks

I got a new nissan quashqi the day before lock down. Economy on it’s arse, get a new car. Timing. To be fair I love it. It’s black with black alloys and lights underneath. I’ve only ever owned Asian cars and never had a day of trouble with any of them. Only non Asian car I had was a ford. It was a shit heap and I hated everything about it

See I’ve only had minis and Fords. 4 classic mini. Only 3 were on the road. A mk1 and mk2 fiesta. 2 mk3 mondeos and a BMW mini. The BMW mini was a lemon. Worst car I’ve had. Touch wood all the others were good. My latest mondeo is good for what I paid. It does me.

My friend works at the Nissan plant and he really recommends the qasqai. He said not to get a juke because they are small inside.

I had a land rover discovery, a really old school one, imported from Japan. British racing green, tan leather, bilstein shocks, voice activated shit (in japanese). Cost a fortune to run. Can’t remember what it was like to drive so I suppose that tells you something.


My car history is well boring in comparison. Last two cars I’ve had have been decently tidy but crushingly mediocre Astras. I absolutely love cars and would love to go out and get something I actually want rather than the perfectly quintessential “just gets me from A-B” nice-ish car. I’ve only ever bought ex-write offs as well to keep the costs down. I really like the Alfa Giulia, but I’d really like a nice estate. Estates are just cooler than their saloon versions, especially when they’ve got a bit of lead in the pencil.

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I returned to social media again recently for a number of reasons but it has your posts from years back as memories.
There was a picture of my Audi A6 estate that I bought today 7 yrs ago when I was in Sweden.
Totally ace car.
Had a Saab, recently discussed somewhere recently in here.
Liked that.
Had a Chevrolet yank tank. That was amazing.
First car was a Jetta, liked that.
Currently got a Polo gti. First car I’ve bought brand new. Its fun.

My dad’s had a number of cars down the years as he nearly always had company cars and the Saab’s are still some his all time favourites to this day. It’s shame they’re not still around.

What did you have?

I have a diesel Audi Q3 with 150k miles and despite it being comfortable and not the worst looking car I fucking hate it.