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Low mileage could mean it’s a little old lady who never takes it on the motorway but goes to Tesco once a week. And that isn’t a healthy life for a car.

CV joints and boots are pretty standard for a car of that age, air con and central locking is more of a pain and you’re right, might point to more stuff failing. I’m not sure what Hyundai of that age are like for lasting, but there are a few on Autotrader at 10 years old and 150k plus so they clearly can last a bit longer. Are you getting it repaired at a dealer or independent?

With a biggish diesel engine though I would definitely want to know why it’s done so few miles. Those things are designed to do big steady miles, not lots of trips round the corner to drop the kids off.

It might be absolutely fine, but 8k is a lot of money for might (and for a 10 year old car).

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Thanks all. Think I’ll keep looking. Always get good advice on here, skate or not!

You can get a lot of car for £8k these days, especially people selling up cheap to raise quick cash because of financial problems due to lockdown.

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Well it’s advice, can’t guarantee it’s good :wink:

I’ve always bought high mileage cars and it’s worked for me. We bought the Focus at 90k I think, changed the cambelt and apart from usual wear and tear, having the air con regassed and a popped alternator it’s cost us bugger all over almost 60k miles. We only got rid cos we had the chance of buying the inlaws FRV for cheap.

This is the hatred of surfing thread.

You want this one:


What the fuck is going on with some people sharing that latest bullshit viral video re coronavirus?!

I’ve seen a few pretty big names in skating sharing it lately, I immediately placed my palm to my face and shook my head.


Saw Shiloh posted that last night. Depressing.


It’ll still be his most recent post.

Found it cheers.

Went to check, and I’ve never seen this before, Instagram has marked it as misleading.

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not surprised to see Jereme Rogers liked that - had a look at what his ‘thoughts’ are. Hardly surprising. I only know Americans from work and they’re all pretty well-balanced with rational (to me) views on politics. Where do all these fucking oddballs come from?

Wainwright and Wileman both shared it on their stories, too

It’s so frustrating because the response to being called out on it is always, ‘do your research’ and ‘don’t trust the media’ when what that actually means is, ‘read some unvetted internet posts shared by your Aunt’ and ‘don’t trust any form of media that isn’t feeding your already biased mindset.’

There’s absolutely no arguing with people because they’ll just say independent fact checkers are biased/in on it/or part of the left. For some reason, America has made correct facts and normal reasoning a political issue

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can someone outline what they are saying?

Basically that there’s been a cure for COVID all along (That malaria drug I think) and it’s being withheld from us because of some vast global conspiracy (It’s always a global conspiracy) that everyone is in on

I think it’s something to keep in mind, I think governments are capable of doing things like this to steer the world in certain way. But in reality, this in particular is impossible. Too many ego’s for everyone to get on the same page to work together equally for a single goal. Unless one entity is in control of course. Personally it’s bullshit, While humans are clever, we are still just bumbling through life fucking shit up and fluking the odd bit here and there. Leaders are merely making nests for themselves out of greed, not looking to change the face of humanity for future generations (unless aliens are controlling us? oooooh)

@anon90826813 don’t be daft. Its the lizards.

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Alien lizards though innit

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