Oh! Just remembered. Glasgow City Council spent £1.2 million on some Teslas to get delegates to and from Gleneagles, for COP26. But there’s no charging point at Gleneagles, so they’re installing a big diesel generator to charge up the electric cars there.


Might do another three years of internal combustion, a bit torn between making the most of the last years and my consumption being a drop in the ocean and doing the right thing. What a brian cant

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Saw this the other day, electric converted. Well cute. Not that I’d want one myself really


E53. Half dad, half lad


Nice but I don’t see the point, well maybe with a Moggie Minor, but not with a 911

Yeah far too much hassle if anything goes wrong and I bet it’s not cheap. My great aunt had one so that shape brings on a bit of nostalgia

It’s really expensive. They do it on the 107 SL Merc ( the Bobby Ewing one ) at this place in the north. I think it costs around 90k for the conversion. Plus the cost of the car

Mick take a look at the Volvo v90, well dadwagon and looks banging.

Tempted at one of these over an RS6 (in my dreams)


Some of the builds in this lemon race are amazing

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Yeah, I have looked at them, with the discount I get at MB usually a loaded V90 comes in about the same as a loaded E53. The 53 is well nice, still very fast but low key, the 63 is too much, and 30 or 40k more, like the RS6. No one is getting any discounts any more though.

Well I ordered another ICE Mercedes. It’s a mild hybrid at least, just about.

Can’t say you ordered a new car without pictures and spec!

The one up there. E53. Won’t get it till the spring

Was quite disappointed to think Volvo when i saw this picture. Not my bag for a merc estate . You going for the AMG? Figures look awesome

Yeah it’s an AMG one but mellowed out, fast enough but the kind of thing no one notices you go by in ( aside from fellow midlifers )

Nice on the 53. Apart from towing a caravan that’s why I like the 530d in luxury trim. Only 260bhp but just shy of 400lb ft. It’s quick enough in gear. Actually faster than my fun car but fun car feels twice as fast.

The scary thing about Tesla’s are dropping high performance into the hands of people with very little experience, or care, about how they actually drive.

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I don’t think they’re as expensive to insure as normal performance cars.


The new Range Rover coming out next year looks quite nice, not sure if ‘quite nice’ is worth £94k’s worth but there it is.

They drive horrible.

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