What’s the rough price of a tank of full for a small/intermediate SUV in the UK?

I’m guessing most are around 50ish litres, so roughly £75 I’m guessing?


I’d say average is about £1.50 a litre.


I have a c4 cactus with a 45 litre tank, fuel light to full was £62 with diesel on Friday, usually do a half tank a week for work at £30 ish.

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Didn’t add the rest of it. Yer about 80 for me think my tanks like 60 litres

100 litre tank here and I sometimes cry when I brim it :rofl: (SUV with a bigger tank)

Normal size is around 60-70 litres I think - thinking X3/Q5/RR Evoque for medium SUV etc. and about £100-120.

Thanks all.

Need to hire a car and can get a Tesla for a bit more with charging included, so seems like a no brainer to go for that.

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And there was me thinking my 80L tank and 25mpg was bad

I’m starting to feel better, mine averages 29mpg but thats including some spicy driving. If i sit at like 65 on the motorway she’ll do 40 … maybs.

The fact that mine averages 62mpg justifies driving an ugly car.

It’s a 2.5 tonne bus :sweat_smile: great and ferrying kids and crap about. I’m the motorway I can low to mid 30s. Around town forget about it

can we talk timing belts? how religiously do you actually get them changed?

I would follow manufacturers guidelines, if it pops in your engine it’s usually complete destruction, but it can vary engine to engine.

For example, Mazda mx5 it’s fine if they snap, just tow to nearest garage and whack a new one on. But most other cars it will fuck the engine.

For peace of mind check an owners club forum/group to see if the engines got form.


I get about 400 miles to a tank which is about 20 day-to-day. Far better long distances though, can easily stretch to > 600 miles.

Completely the wrong vehicle for most of my usage, but I have a large 6 berth caravan for holidays - towing vehicle needs to be 1800kgs minimum to be legal :roll_eyes:

Just bought one of the new Tesla Model 3 Performance in red. Says it will be here May/June!



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Had the laziest message ever last night….

What’s the best value 3-4 year old small family car and where would I best buy it?

I’m helpful to my friends and all and gladly give my recommendations but what the truth is and what someone actually buys are two different things. Plus I haven’t got a clue :smile:

Exactly. Too many variables. I bet he’ll end up in an A4 Avant though :rofl:

Just sent him the Carwow link and said plug your requirements in and it’ll spit out a few choices.

Yeah I probably wasn’t too clear :smile:

Does anyone have an idea of cost to fix this? Got a quote saying 2-3 grand. A guy in my office said upto 500.