Ring around for a bumper from a yard and fit a new light yourself. Dent guy to touch up.

Cheers, I think it’s the wing that’s bent though, not the bumper. Someone could bash that back into place right? Father in law says it would have to be an entire wing replacement.

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hard to tell, could be bent back or look for a wing and bumper. You could do it alot cheaper if you source and do it yourself. Depends on how precious you are about it, could you get away with barely visible dents or bends in the wing if it’s done well you could get over slight blemishes.

If you want it perfect, way more than 500

Wing looks creased so it won’t magically pop out

If the lenses are bust then 2nd hand light and just live with it looking mashed. If you get it fixed you’ll just be worried about doing it again and having to spend all that cash again

But each to their own


Just looked at this on my laptop instead of blinking at it like a maniac on my phone at midnight when I should be sleeping. Looks like you hit a bollard or something?

Lens cracked, you’ll need new/2nd hand one, at bare minimum. I’d try to fit this myself (look at youtube/forums). And when I say lens I don’t mean just the glass, I mean the entire headlamp unit.
Bumper looks ok-ish
Wing is a bit mashed and panel gap is out so probably easiest to get 2nd hand one.

So you’d need 2x panels (bumper, wing) resprayed. It will look better (to a trained eye) if blended into bonnet and door, but that’s 2x more panels (we used to price by panel). Chances of getting a wing/bumper 2nd hand the right colour are slim to fuck all but you might get lucky.

I would get the replacement lens/light unit, then go to a local bodyshop (not dealer) and ask for a price. They will let you know if they can do anything with the wing or if you need to source a 2nd hand one.


@Gconroy I mashed up pretty much the same car a few years ago (lamp post on rear door) and got Dent Magic to do it - they used to be on the Bath Road at Paintworks in Totterdown but I think they’ve moved since.

I bought a new door online in a random colour and they did the rest. Can’t remember what I paid total but was a good chunk under what I expected.

It was dent magic that quoted 2-3G!
Looked up the cost of a new bumper, wing and light and even if they bought all new and fitted they’d be charging themselves around 1700 odd labour.
Anyway, a friend of a friend is going to whack the dent out for a few hundred quid

Scratch that then, obviously…

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Fuck that.

Get on Facebook marketplace - I got a new front end for my Golf for like £200 and headlights as well.


When we used to own a car yard we used an indian guy called Singh that used to work on the ford dagenham line that used to get the dents out of cars before they got to customers, he made his own tools and was so good

Everyone knew him in the car trade, he was known as ‘Singh the Ding’!


Singh the Ding - 07778 324051
:rofl::rofl: used him years ago and still in my phone :rofl::rofl:


New car time. This thing is siiiiick. First new car I’ve ever owned and it’s a proper futuremobile.


Have you verified the 0-60 in 2.8 seconds??


No. I drove it home from Bristol thinking ‘yeah it’s quick but not that quick’ and when I got home realised there is an ‘Insane’ setting and it was in ‘Normal’. I’ll try it tomorrow!

First impressions are good though, it’s probably better than I was expecting in terms of how it looks and how it feels inside. I hadn’t seen or driven one before I got it.


Doesn’t it have to go through some 10 minute setup thing before you can actually do the 2.8 0-60 thing?

No not this one. That’s the Model S which has Cheetah mode. This one isn’t that mental, it’s ‘only’ 500 odd BHP not 1000+.


Which model is it? Plaid apparently has 1050lb ft of torque. Which is….lol worthy.


This is the new Model 3 Performance. I had my name down for a Model S Plaid but they decided not to make a RHD version so after two years of waiting I canceled my order.

I’m more in the market for a smaller car now anyway, so it’s worked out ok. I have my name down for an Alpine A290 as well but I think I’ll cancel it now. They revealed the production version today and I’m not that into it.