Seems counterintuitive at this stage unless they double the charge for petrol and diesel at the same time :sweat_smile:

How’s the new whip? @jimo

Wouldn’t put it past them , diesel ban in London for personal vehicles regardless of euro 6 spec , euro 5/6 petrol only in the next 10 years

Amazing. I like it more than I expected to, easily the best car I’ve ever had. I can only imagine how annoying it is to other drivers though, you can literally drive around all other traffic like you’re in Tron.


This might be a daft question - I live in a terraced house. Is there any point in even looking into electric cars if I can’t charge at home?

I probably wouldn’t bother. Being able to charge it up at home and not having to go to petrol stations is pretty much the best thing about them. I did get 15000 miles of free Tesla supercharging with mine though, so if there’s a place near your house maybe worth it?

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I’m lost , what part of the engine bay requires a pz3 drill bit ? And for the oil cap?
The whole thing seems like a set up for clicks .

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I’m also wondering why he didn’t just get one of those car aerial magnet things to fish it out

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And why would you film that. Everything on the internet isn’t real.

Clearly got clickbaited here apols

Exactly, wonder how many times he had to retake that to hit the target ?

hahah, that’s a pretty accurate description of how much I enjoyed hiring one when I was in the UK.

Also, the lane change camera when you indicate is great.

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Turned mine off, was really distracting

Today i learned there’s no nationwide mandatory check for roadworthiness in the USA. There are state by state laws, and most states have something, usually either emissions or mechanical or both, but some have none.

None!?! That’s wild.

This is why you get people running slicks on street cars over there isn’t?

Ford copied polestars homework and called it a capri


Check out my new Capri.

Gets excited.

……oh :neutral_face:

Remember back in the day when each manufacturers cars in their range ALL looked different. And now they all look the same but in slightly different sizes

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Started with the mondeo and soon after most cars just lacked any distinction