Yeah I can’t believe the mini prices , you couldn’t get rid of them before the new shape came out and they stopped production of the original.

Nice! Iconic shape. Yeh I bought my first one 11 years ago although it was rotten when we had it blasted for £900 at the time it had some tax and mot, metro turbo brakes, 1275 mg metro engine, alloys and a CD player. Although I’ve not kept up on prices I saw a project car that was a non runner for like £2200 and from the poor photos you could see someone had covered rust with duct tape

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Yeah that’s what made my eyes pop out when I looked on eBay a while back , rust buckets for £1500+ and that was the last of the production line ones. The older ones were £2k. Madness

My brother spent 4 years restoring that one on weekends and evenings.A real barn find , full acid dipped shell, the lot.
It lives in a de-humidified air chamber at the mo. Cant remember how amny are left, think there were only 200 of each colour made.

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Fair play to him, worth every penny spent and minute restoring. It’s a real keeper.

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Love that golf. I keep thinking how much I would love to buy an older one and slowly learn how to work on it myself. Love the look of the older boxier ones.

My sister works at a JLR dealership local to here (between Spalding and Boston, so proper arse end of the country) and they randomly came to have an XJ220 formerly owned by the Sultan Of Brunei in the shop.

In fact here’s the video of my sister advertising it!

Absolutely mental car. I popped to have a cuppa with her at work one afternoon and we just gawped at it for a good 5 minutes in silence.


Beautiful car. Aged really well.

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Loved the XJ220 when I was younger. Was the bedroom wall car for me. It was called the 220 because that was the intended top speed. I think it actually done 209 or 219 IIRC

I’ll just leave this here.

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Yeah I’ve seen a third of those SL60 Mercs he had as well. Only 7k miles on the one of them so he def wasn’t short of choices

Oof that 560 wide body. Mean as fuck

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