Casper - Cathedral Part

Full of SB bangerz.


Point of comparison:

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That was really, really good.

I love how he finds so many different ways to skate a spot that’s not easy to skate and where’s there’s not that much to skate really.

Need to watch properly, got as far as the Switch Tre down the 7. How the fuck do you do that so quickly after that switch fs shuv.

That was wild, he’s so good. Those manny combos were fucked.

As a general point, I love the increase in single spot parts over the past few yrs


Absolutely. More local spots, less Chinese marble.

I suppose Covid did not only have bad sides.

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Can’t remember what video probably Atlantic Drift, but there were some lines filmed in China Town in London where it was absolutely dead and just the person skating and filming looked amazing.

Wasn’t it a Blondey part? Or maybe Sam Sitayeb actually?

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Yeah I can’t remember where it was either but it looked special for sure!

Maybe baby, not sure.

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Whose this? and that was in London right?

That was sick. Thanks for posting his earlier part for comparison…cool to see the progression.

That was rad , and if you ignored the Nike branding you could swear it was an Atlantic drift edit.

I’ve been trying to find as many new ways to skate sb as I can this year and now that you’ve said this it seems super obvious but it hadn’t crossed my mind at all before.
I’m 99% no one’s attempted or even considered it.
I’m sure Casper could do that if he put his mind to it.

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I think that Curtis dude on Yardsale skates it too in one of their vids or a similar one, remember seeing it and barely recognising the landscape

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Southbank might as well be closed down now. Utterly bonkers all that.

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Front blunt drop to fakie manny feels like it has the potential to break not only your kingpin but also your ankle.

I like his skating because it feels like he’s on the verge of bailing every trick. Which maybe sounds like a diss but it’s not meant to


Those manual combos have much potential to be stinky as fuck but he does them so fast and solid that it works.
Rolling towards the seven in a fakie manual has proper potential to be catapulted down them like a sack of compost!


I remember this dating fast when it first appeared.

Seems even more of a wild misrepresentation considering the U.K. media reaction to what Casper just did.

That video is sick.
The no push lines are golden.
The fakie mannie stuff is golden.
Watched it 3 times already.
Will watch again.