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Right, does anyone have any experience of using CBD, particularly oil, orally or vaped? my Missus has suffered with anxiety for some time and its one thing she hasnt tried which has been suggested.

She is more into vaping idea but not set on it.

there just seems to be so many types and brands im looking really for advice on what to look for, what percentage CBD is good, what to avoid etc as ive no experience of buying it. are some brands better than others.

does anyone have any experience of CBD and if for anxiety even better

any advice appreciated.

I am also interested in this and have no idea what is good or how you take it.

Anecdotal, but I have anxiety and depression issues and anything weed related sends me crashing through the floor… Be careful!

There’s a lot of shit around. That’s all I know. I got some 3% stuff which i didn’t feel any benefit but as soon as I went to the 15% I felt like I noticed something. It’s just expensive that’s all

Yeah I do believe it has benefits and have found personally it can help with sleep/ anxiety etc. but at the moment it still such a new thing and whole industry is a bit of a wild west. So much of the stuff you can buy like the Holland and Barrett oils are really really low strength so for there to be any proper effects you have to have a ton of it. The marketing is all over the place with tiny amounts being added to things like coffee and smoothies which is a total con.

As ron said it gets really fucking expensive to buy effective doses, unless your minted I wouldn’t get too into it.

There may be some placebo effects but can’t really prove it

If you’re going to go the vaping route try the the Medipen, this is the brand the NHS have been using in trials recently I believe. It more expensive than some of those vape juices you can buy but it is the real deal

I’ve found the muscle balm to be the most effective use of it

is it just called a medipen @Haven_Hamilton_Official and do you get it in chemists? aslo can you get it prescribed do you know?

The brand is Medipen, just google it they’ve got their own site that you order from

And I think prescription wise there are only a few kids in the UK with very sever epilepsy that have cannabis products prescribed. No chance of getting one for anything less

I would recommend it for anxiety for sure.
Darran from freestyle skateshop recommended me an oil that’s 5% and I have had one bottle, it takes 2 weeks to really start to work but the benefits are incredible. I don’t use it every day now because I don’t need too. all I can say is that it really does help. not in a stoned sort of way but in a well being sort of way if that makes sense. it helps you take back control of you, its not a cure its a stepping stone…

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Same. I had really bad experiences smoking weed when I was in my early 20s - derealisation that last for months and temporary anxiety.

Now, in my early 30s, I actually have anxiety and would give anything to get rid of it, but I’m worried using CBD would bring on those same experiences.

Am I correct in saying CBD oils don’t have THC in them?

Anything sold legally in England has to be under 0.2% THC which is basically fuck all

You will not get any sort of stoned anxiety/ headfuck feeling whatsoever

I just recommend everyone be very very careful about self medication, there’s so much misinformation out there and just because something works for one person doesn’t mean it won’t fuck another person up. That happens with prescription meds too, but at least you’re under the care of a professional.

Not that I’ve had much luck with legit meds either, I quit when it made my hair start to fall out haha. Did help until then though, got me back on track and more self aware.

You’re making it sound like he’s looking to get his hands on a load of gnarly opiate pain killers

Like I get what you’re saying but CBD is seen to be pretty safe, maybe 50 years down the line they will find some gnarly side effect but people have been smoking weed for god knows how long which will always naturally have CBD in alongside higher volumes of THC (which is the stuff that fucks with your head) and no body has ever died.

I wouldn’t worry about ‘self medication’


True, I’m just a bit wary of fucking around with my brain when it has issues… Learned the hard way

Yeah I get you but CBD isn’t psychoactive so you will be fine, the minimal amount of THC isn’t going to do anything noticeable to you mentally. Whenever I take it I’ve compared it more to taking an ibuprofen for a headache. You don’t get a sudden ‘hit’ as such but like eventually just notice that you’re feeling better/ pain isn’t as bad etc.

Have a read up about it…

possible this might be seen as a soft option but lemon balm tea is meant to be good for all sorts of shit including anxiety. can make some if you have any growing nearby but you can get it in online in tea bags. the ancient romans amongst others used to be into it…think one of the Plinys said something to the effect that everyone in the empire should grow it. might be worth looking into for some of you out there and probably a lot cheaper than cbd oil


The fact some of you are questioning it working makes me think it’s a bit of a money spinner and not a lot of science has gone into it.

image https://i.ebayimg.com/images/g/x3oAAOSwKFBZrDAH/s-l300.jpg

Ha omg do you remember that griptape that had some funky crystals or some shit in it, what a crock


With power balance crystals

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