Chad Caruso – Skating across America

watched three or four of the 50 states episodes last night and two things stuck me, as already mentioned i think, i was staggered that he was getting 400/500 likes on a video which seems low i guess. i dont know how many people like videos but generally i thought out of 4k views to only get 10% people hit the like button seemed low. Saying that i generally dont think to like videos so maybe thats it

also i dont think likes count for much on youtube anymore? maybe someone knows better than me but i thought its done on viewing time now isnt it or how many people watch you entire video?

but yeah the fact that he only gets 4k views seems crazy as he seems like a really genuine guy doing it for the love of it and to push himself. maybe its because he older i guess but that shouldn’t make that much difference should it as its not like hes to the same 10 tricks all the time, hes doing a lot of hard stuff and always trying new shit.

the other thing that i know but still always catches me is how many fucking great parks there are in the US, big, well designed and most of the time when hes there, pretty much empty!

yeah was gonna mention something about this. the parks in the US are nuts. he goes to these tiny tiny towns and they have some mega park with perfect everything

i wish he’d get out and street skate a bit more or perhaps throw in some manual or ledge tricks. he did that in the last challenge. i guess it’s just that bit harder planning to go to a street spot somewhere when you’re in a hurry

I think he genuinely does these vids to push himself rather than getting YT money. He has a few people who have helped him fund a little bit but he’s basically flying by the seat of his pants just to do it. I can’t stand skate Youtubers in general as it’s just clickbait wank for views, as most things are nowadays.

He’s def gonna have his work cut out for him later on, I know he can fall back on some miniramp tricks on most days because he’s most comfortable on transition and to be honest, I really like that right now as i’m skating miniramp alot and it’s inspiring me to put more effort in than I usually would.

I think he’s got a gofundme, I might chuck him £20 on payday. He’s basically providing me my daily commute content for the next 2 months

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if he has a gofundme ill for sure send a few quid too. anyone got a link?

had a lull at work so here is his gofundme link

Gutted his NB box was nabbed from his postbox.
I will def fire him something over later after I pay my childcare bill. That will decide how much.

We should all add a message saying it was coming from the foum and get a shoutout at some point ha
Shame we’re not called Sidewalk anymore, bit generic sounding now.


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good idea

great idea

I was talking about interacting with locals at skateparks I don’t go often to or have never been to. Don’t get me wrong, I’m totally down with the kids in my village. They’re 15 or 20 years younger than me (and some of them ride scooters) but we have that WhatsApp group chat thing going, we take care of the park, we try to raise money to get a microramp working with the council and we build mini obstacles here and there, it’s just great.

that’s awesome! would never work in my local, too many scumbags. anything left there - even a self built obstacle that benefits the park, would just get broken and nicked instantly

I’m one of the guys at my local park who won’t say hi until I see you there 10 times. Just can’t be arsed with the small talk. Too old for new friends now.


People been keeping up with the trip? He’s smashing it! This latest one is particularly good, especially with the randomer giving him a 100 dollar bill.


no.18 just up as well! man he is killing it. soon as i get paid he’s deffo getting some cash from me. what an amazing trip

This ones pretty sick. America just has amazing parks everywhere

This guy along with Ben Degros are probably the only two “skate youtubers” I can handle, maybe rad rat at a push - remember watching that guys freestyle tutorials in like 2007 when I first started.