ChatGPT and AI

Ok so this thing is absolutely crazy.

I used it yesterday to write a farewell message for my colleague in portugese, I used it to write a list of pros and cons of various ad platforms for a proposal and it’s doing my formulas for me today.

Excuse that bad laptop shots but this thing is bananas.

Anyone else used this?

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Yeah I used it to make up a bedtime story for the kids.

And to show my dad the other day got it to write a poem about him and my mum visiting tallinn

And to write a quick trading script in MQL5

It is fucking insane. Such a good learning tool as well


I can’t access it anymore. Says it’s at capacity. Have I missed the boat?

Think I have discovered a student that used it for a recent essay. Misconduct hearing coming up next week.

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Out of interest, how did you find this out? I work at a uni too and there’s lots of talk about this, but few ideas on how to counter it.

That is scary good. :grinning:

You can ask it to rewrite it in any way you like now. Ask to make it funnier and see what you get?

Run suspicious sections of an essay through these AI-text checkers.

This one was made by the Chat GPT creators: GPT-2 Output Detector

Chat GPTZero is another one:

From my limited experience, students use Chat GPT to write sections of an essay, not necessarily the whole thing. So you might have to check on a paragraph by paragraph basis. Other major give aways are if the essay does not engage with material from a course and also a lack of references. Howeverr, savvy students can easily bypass this. In short, there is no foolproof way to detect this shit!



Scary that bots are now using this to generate on the fly responses to forum topics, tweets etc…

It is going to get increasingly difficult to distinguish bots from real people.

I guess Elon is right with his whole verification thing on Twitter.

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Nah it always says that. Try incognito mode or something.

You do have to give your mobile so I guess the robots have got my soul now but it’s been so genuinely useful I dont really care.

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I hope this reply was AI-generated for mega irony lolz!

I did see a tweet which said that we are possibly passed the point where the internet ceases to be a useful tool for knowing and finding out things. Too much misinformation and auto-generated content and the difficulties of navigating this is too great. The robots have won.

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This is its idea of a skateboarding joke:

Why did the British skateboarder wear a raincoat while skating?

Because he didn’t want to get board-damp!

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Skynet is real


Has anyone been using the Midjourney AI program for art based work ? This is nuts too

Where can you generate that photorealist art? There was that other one that had a thread but everything looked like a Francis bacon picture

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No I mean I see all these photorealistic AI generated pics but the one

aaaaah with dall-e 2 you got to sign up

fuck this wasn’t far off what I was imagining

Been mucking about with ChatGPT for javascript/expressions in After Effects. It’s not entirely perfect and often returns the wrong code, but usually gets about 70-80% of the way there.

Midjourney, Dall-E, Stable Diffusion etc are all interesting, from my limited experience, a lot of it is about the prompts and learning how to search correctly in order to get the results you need.

All that effort and they fucked up the Smithers title

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