ChatGPT and AI

Been having some success in experimenting with Krea. It has an amazing feature where you can upload a B&W logo or pattern and it guides the rendering for the prompt. This is what I got using my own logo on a prompt for a snowy Nordic birch forest -

This one of Pinhead singing a Christmas carol from MJ v5.2. Specifying Octane, V-Ray, Redshift or similar will help a lot too, as will “cinematic”.

I think it would’ve looked better if I’d uploaded an image of Pinhead first.

Pika, which is text to video, opened up its alpha today. It’s just ok, looks like it’s mostly for the odd animated still at this point. There’s a load of shit clips floating about on their Discord though. Like MJ, it’s all down to the prompt and what you base it off.


Markg why you and your mates giving me Australian vibes?

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wouldn’t normally link shit like this but my GF knows this guy

A new requirement in FB ads has appeared


The age of not believing anything we see is soon upon us.


It’s like back to medieval times where you have to go to the town square to see the king speak for yourself

Literally any form of media can be faked now


Most of them were bollocks before.


More here. Completely facemelting

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Pretty fucking incredible and it’s only going to progress at a rapid rate if it’s like this already.

No wonder the film industry workers are bricking it whilst the studios see the potential for clawing back the billions of debt they’re in.



Well that didn’t take long


They talk about all this here. Quite interesting.

Sweet will defo give a listen.

Speaking to designer and cgi based friends, Ai is a long way off because it’s not creative, it just copies everything, so for the time being will be used for cutting time in programming/coding etc .
But it’s early days and will catch up soon and studios are businesses and saving money usually means cutting crew .

Popcorn stuff at the mo


This is pretty sick
Just type in a music style/genre and it knocks up tunes

There’s a few including the Hobbit. Weirdly enjoyable in an odd way.


Title is a bit misleading, he doesn’t say it’s bullshit but a good review of what Ai can and can’t do. Def some pump and dump type hype going around.

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Just started it from the start and this guy is revealing how the sausages are made within 5 minutes. He must be silenced :smile:

Good intro isn’t it. I’m not tech enough to get away with that stuff but I always had my suspicions