ChatGPT and AI

most of my use of it is frivolous laziness with scripting languages but it’s definitely putting out worse code than it was 6 months ago or so

A frequent one I run into is I have to ask it constantly to lay out excel formulas on one line so i can actually paste them in.

I tell it to never give me a formula that runs over multiple lines. I only ever want formulas on one line etc.

Nope. I constantly have to ask it to rewrite formulas so i can paste them in.

I know what it’s doing is a bit of a miracle but this really fucks me off. Listen to me you stupid fucking robot twat!




He can live forever!

No. Let people die. It’s sad but let someone else narrate something.

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the next step will be a Saudi-funded Attenborough AI that thinks petrol is great and we don’t need thaaaat many trees really


Can I have Ray Liotta narrating mine in the style of Goodfellas?

Actually that would be well boring

When you let AI write the obituary…


Stephen Fry did a BBC nature series about 10 years ago, it just didn’t sound right. Too dramatic. Same for US versions of Planet Earth where they get Morgan Freeman to do the voice over.

Has this been posted yet? Makes the song for you.

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Game changed. This is too good.

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Write a black metal song about toddlers

black metal intense aggressive
In the darkness they rise, with fury in their eyes
Tiny demons of chaos, born to terrorize (hail!)
Their innocent facade, conceals the inner storm
They crawl and they scream, it’s the calm before the maelstrom

Toddlers of darkness, their tantrums reign supreme (oh-oh-oh)
Unleashing havoc, the chaos unforeseen
With footsteps of thunder, they conquer with their might (their might)
Listen in horror, as they cry through the night (through the night)
(growling) Aggressive toddlers, the blackest of the breed




write a euro disco song about uk skate forum

euro disco energetic catchy
Late at night, when the moon’s out shining
We come alive, with our wheels a-gliding (ooh-ooh)
On the streets of London, where the music’s pumping
We’re the skater crew, and we’re always jumpin’ (ooh-ooh)

In the neon lights, we ride the night away (away)
On the UK skate forum, where we skate and sway (skate and sway)
Oh, the rhythm takes control, as we spin and glide (spin and glide)
Dancing to the beat, feeling so alive (so alive)
(UK skate forum, oh-ooh-yeah)



Use it to make a CSC Black Friday ad earlier.

I ‘made’ the music and Don did the professional graphic design.




Stephen Fry reads Nick Cave’s stirring letter about ChatGPT and human creativity.