Anyone keen for



@Snurp you sign up?


I watch loads of chess videos to go to sleep every night by this guy but my brain can’t do chess. It’s way too hard.

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Think I just added you.

Want to give me a hiding then?

Sorry Neddy, will do in a bit, ended up going for an emergency pint after work. Will sign up when I get back. If I lose it because I’m drunk. I am shit though.

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Good shit Ned. I had no chance.

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Beat Ned earlier but only 1 game and I got lucky I think of he made a mistake.

The tutorials are good on that app.

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Fucked. @Les_Zeppelin


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Neddy you could still have had me!

Come in then Cundall let’s av it

I’m getting a bit confused by this website, it keeps opening loads of tabs on my phone

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Get the app.

Anyone fancy 1 quick game?

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Up for a game tomorrow, will post my username then. Terrible at chess mind ha


Can’t seem to add people, sure I’m on the same app. Can’t see my username either.

Will work it out in the end lol

No I can’t find you either:

This app yeah?

Yh, that app, can’t find other people either

Added you @PolarJames

@Les_Zeppelin what’s your username on there?

Realised you have to press the search button on your phone not the app. Added you both.

You’re searching for your friend not searching for new friends.