@Les_Zeppelin wanna play?

Well I’m shit!

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You had me on the ropes! Nearly quit after you windmilled my queen with that knight. Good game :handshake:

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Les I’ve challenged you

Sorry just seen it now. Free or too late?

Dammit missed it. Still about though

Abused the chat feature calling people cunts when they beat me.

Such a fucking frustrating game.


Up for a game tomorrow, let me know anyone, cheers. My tactics consist in just trying not to lose pieces, think I need to read up into the game.


I’ll play

Anyone keen?

Just challenged you

I suck.

That last game was great!

First one I gave up because I moved the Queen back one less space.

Second one should have got my Rooks out quicker I’m so bad at that, always keen to get the Knights, Queen, and Bishops shifting.

Forget what a powerful piece they are.

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I’ve learned you need to castle as soon as you can, as it helps get your rooks active, and you need to get all your other pieces in play to do it. I basically aim to never move the same piece twice until I’ve castled and rooks are connected.

Within reason obvs. Sometimes you have to react, like when you brought your queen out early in that last game and forced me to break strategy. That was pretty neat

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I’m always keen for a game, bit of a chess addict. Will add you all. What time limit are people doing?

I like 10mins

Cool! 30 mins

Nice. I normally play 10 min or daily. Got a zoom call lined up in a mo but will hit you guys up at some point

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