Smashed by Les :confused:


Smashed by MrMagpie. :clap:

You made all the right moves to start with. You’re better than your current rating I’d say

I’m shite

Games gone soft.


Just tell them you actually meant to do a Sicilian Labyrinth and not to call them obnoxious ascetic neckbeard pricks and you’ll be fine.

Never played before - can anyone recommend a beginners app or site that does tutorials? Ta

Also there a guy called Gotham chess on YouTube that goes through openings and shit.

One day I will also sit down and learn the openings. Its a lot of work though.

At the moment I just push pieces and then try and play after it gets messy.


Gotham chess is an awesome guy.

Got my quickest CM today.


That game looks like an absolute car crash.

But congrats :grinning:

Haha left the back door open for you there

Did you both forget about the right side of the board?

I might add that guy and wail on him to get my rating up.

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It wasn’t me that got into that position, he went mental with the queen straight away and got caught out. Think he invented a new opening hahahaha.

I got QH1 really easily and just pwned him from there.

Was it @ParmoViolet? :wink:

Took him to the cleaners haha.

Let me know if anybody wants a game of chess tonight.

I’m keen. Have sent you a challenge

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