Chocolate - 'Bunny Hop'

Posted by Scurbrampwoody in the footage thread… definitely should have it’s own… it’s already been talked about but shouldn’t be lost in the mix of Thrasher stand alone parts.


I honestly love this video. So stoked on it.
It’s so well put together and Trahan’s part is easily one of my all time favourite parts.
High rewatch value.

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Nice one @voodoo

Will watch and get involved in a bit


Vincent Alvarez looks so much like Jim T these days


Will watch this today. Was expecting an iTunes release!

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Why did he have last part?

Because he’s happy in the van or something


He shreds through some utter crust throughout, so i don’t see why not… but i guess Carl Atkins being the newest pro, him as an ender would’ve made more sense.

Loved the video though, got me feeling very nostalgic and excited that a brand such as Chocolate can still push through with a rad full length video with so many new faces and remain true to their aesthetic after all these years in the game.

My only complaint is they could’ve done us all a favour and dropped the whole NIEN club/Crob skits/appearances seriously have no time for it haha

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The OG cameos look rough as hell

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Daniel Castillo looked about 60


Gutted. He’s looked 12 for 40 years and just jumped straight to looking 60


Pretty cohesive vid, very Crailtapesque.
Castillo looked 60 indeed, poor lad.
Stoked on Jesus (it’s that time of the year, right?).
Jordan Trahan is sick, Erik Herrera had good stuff too.
The Girl montage made me happy.
Vincent Alvarez, meh.
Carl Aikens should have had the last part.


Really enjoyed this, felt like a cohesive team again at this point with the new guys. It made sense and felt very “chocolate”. If anything it made Raven stick out like a sore thumb more than usual.

Erik Herrera and Carlisle stood out for me. And CA should of 100% had last part over Vincent…

Dare I even say I thought some of VA’s stuff was a bit stinking…

Overall though real good video, watching this and Get Lesta last night was a good way to spend an evening!


I enjoyed that, and a contender for best b/s nosebluntslide in there as well

Really enjoyed this. Nice vibes throughout and it really felt like a cohesive team video of new gen talent while still connected to Chocolates legacy. A Ty-free Crailtap is clearly a good thing.

Aitkins and Trahan, who I hadn’t heard of before, were the standouts for me and it was good to see some good new Kenny Anderson footage as well. I do like Alvarez’s skating more than some but yeah, surprised he had last part.

But no complaints really. Good shit

Also, I was surprised at how good Stevie’s ‘acting’ was in the skit. He definitely seemed the most comfortable out of the cameos (other than Spike obvs)

You need to deep dive into his FiveBoro/NB stuff. I think he even had a Volcom part.
He has been around for 5-6 years but just dips out here and there.
He is so fucking sick.

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Great vid, felt chocolate, made me want to skate. I liked the Keenan and Gabriel nods as always. Need to finish a few other parts/vids to round out the year.

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Grady Smith (last part in the recent Bronze video) calling out all the ABDs in Carl Aikens’ part: