Christmas 2023

Not long now. What’s everybody doing? Staying in or going somewhere? Boozing or off it? Dreading it or hyped? Got the presents in yet?

In Estonia Christmas starts today. ‘Elves’ come and leave an advent calendar. Then every day, until Christmas, each kid gets a small present in a stocking by the window. So with 2 kids you can imagine how expensive this is. You can get away with small sweets or tat from the shop or whatever but it still all adds up.

Then it’s actually Christmas.

Then youngest has birthday on 1st Jan, other one a few weeks later. So a brutal few months for the wallet. I don’t want to sound like a scrooge but if I was earning I’d give them everything they want, it’s my 3rd anniversary of not working right now and also wife not earning either so it’s pretty hard.

Not going anywhere. Can’t afford to tbh.


Bro is getting divorced so Im having everyone at mine except his almost ex wife. Going to be gnarly. First full Christmas Day with my parents for 20 years though.

Finishing work up on the 19th which will be nice


I’ve got to cook for the first time, what the hell do I do, is cauliflower traditional or not ffs


Unemployed as of today so lots of time to get into the festive spirit. Getting a tree this morning and it all starts from there for a good four weeks. Well into it. 13 people round ours for Xmas Eve and Xmas Day for the big turkey we’ve ordered. Going to try it sober (starting today) cos if I can manage the next four weeks then the rest of the year should be a piece of piss.


I started hating Christmas when it made me realize how my father cared more about his girlfriend of the moment and her kid(s) than me and my sister. Spending Christmas Eves on my own when I was young made me really sad. It felt unfair. My father died 13 years ago ago and I’ve come to terms with those things, I understand it all had to do with his mental health issues and his alcoholism and all that. I still hate Christmas as it reminds me of how lonely and sad it can make people.
As a result, I try to ignore the whole December hysteria as much as I can and help people who feel low. Being in charge of a day care center for seniors with cognitive impairment, I spend Christmas Eve and Christmas with seniors who would otherwise be on their own. They really seem to appreciate that which makes up for a lot of things.

My girlfriend and her family love Christmas as much as I hate it. They basically celebrate it for 3 days non stop. I’ll go see them after my shift on the 24th but that’s it. Can’t say I like the pressure of having to make the right gift for everyone or pretending what I got is awesome. Forced fun, obligatory gatherings and overpriced boring food aren’t my cuppa either.

Whatever, it is what it is and I try to deal with it but deep down inside it’ll always be something I associate with loneliness, sorrow and that silly pressure to consume.

Have fun and enjoy it if it’s your thing.


I really like Christmas I can’t help myself. I know it’s got a lot of negative sides but I have the opposite experience Frank did…grew up loving it and it makes me think how great the world can be when we suspend our usual behaviour and apply our imagination.


There’s nothing to feel wrong about haha, I’m glad it makes you and other people happy, I even bet it’s amazing if you’re into it.

Have fun! :heart:

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I know but it’s wasteful, pushes religion, cheesy as fuck. I feel I ought to be against it :laughing:

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Oh I can totally help you there mate! :hugs:

I fucking love Christmas.

Sadly, the past few years have been quite difficult with last year being fairly traumatic due to my ex-wife messing around/cutting off/control in respect of timings with my daughter. Not that there is anything like custody…there is just a parent plan agreement which she ignores.

She spent 75% of last Xmas with our daughter. Which was a move in a positive direction. Thats only because she edged closer to that parent plan last year. Previous to that, it was one single day.
And she managed to message a ton and call and make it miserable with all sorts of threats whilst my daughter and I were together, hence the trauma.

And it seems like it is all set to go the same way again purely because I want to see her again for a reasonable amount of time.

But, Christmas is amazing.

Might just switch my phone off for 10 days. But then maybe that puts me in a shit place legally shiuld things get worse in future.

But, Christmas is amazing.

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Yeah I absolutely love Christmas. Luckily my family all get on well and my two brothers are some of my best mates so we get together for like 5 days and drink loads of beer. Heading home to north wales this year and we’ve got a sick airbnb for all of us and the dogs. Also, I’m 36 on Christmas Day lol

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Yeah, I get to see lots of family and it is really, really fun. All get on, etc.
That’s what makes it so good for me. And the food. God, I love the food.

I’m a veggie but fuck it…gonna eat meat Xmas day.


Big vibe this :fire:


I was told that I probably wouldn’t be here for christmas, so a big reason to celebrate and enjoy it!

That is why I’m glad I have full custody of mine. She has to deal with me, and I’m not a dick about the kids, fuck having to deal with her and her Borderline Personality Disorder (diagnosed). If your ex gets with a loser who stabs someone up, maybe you can get full custody too. She also ignores the plan, disappearing for weeks. So a massive vice versa for me.

It’s great.


Same but 35 on Xmas day.

I remember a teacher in primary school asking me who else had a special birthday on Christmas, she wanted me to say Jesus but I said Santa haha

Could’ve gone with Dido, Annie Lennox or Ricky Martin tbf


We are having people over this year. Cooking for 13, which might be a bit stressful, but it’s perfectly acceptable for lunch to be served at about 3 on the day right?


Wagwan? Get a burner, innit.

Turning the phone off is to cut her mum off for a bit of headspace. Which could land me in the shit.
Getting a burner would be exactly the same.

Anyway…Christmas is sick.
My shit belongs in the mental health thread.

Big up the pigs in blankets.