Cliche 2.0 vs Blueprint 3.0

Cliche branding also being used on some pricepoint shit:

Blueprint here:

It’s a next level move to sell blanks or ‘Mall boards’ that seem to have some sort of legitimacy. Sneaky.
If some kid that doesn’t know looks up Blueprint or Cliché on YT, when looking to buy a board, they’ll see all the old videos and think they’re still rad companies.

Establishing themselves as the go-to completes for retail buyers in plenty of time for the Olympics.

The title reads like they’re having a fight. Set up a “which is better” poll and we’ll see who wins

Wins at being the worst now? Or the best then?

This why this new forum is a good idea. Names were just starting to come out about all this when the old one folded. I wonder how much heat Anon had to mop up at times?

Blueprint’s dad could easily beat up Cliche’s dad

  • Cliche 2.0
  • Blueprint 3.0

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which is the best lord, lord of the rings or lord of the flies

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This also fucking sucks. I’m strictly skating Nora / Alexis boards.

Fuck everything else.e

The good Lord clothing himself!

magee vs jeremie daclin would be a decent scrap tbf, fivers on daclin though


Magee might get a swift jab to the balls, assuming Daclin is alot taller.

Whats the actual point in bringing these back?

Instant brand identity

Surely it would of been cheaper to make a Sports/Olympic/420 based brand if you want to sell completes to Sports Direct/Skate Hut etc

Am sure Magee would play a long, psychological game. Like hiding somewhere and gently whispering taunts to Daclin until he had a meltdown.

Since I am Larry Perkins…

So Form dist bought the blueprint name to sell completes to sports direct and stores like route one skate hut?

Is Cliche 2.0 a dwindle thing or has someone paid for the name etc?

Are these complete distributions flog rubbish? Or can I go out and buy one and it not be shit?

Even if it ‘was’ good would you buy one?


Is that a fact that Form have bought it and are selling to non skate high street?

I had a few completes as a broke 15 yr old from rollersnakes, Icon I think… was pretty nice. I remember the deck wasn’t a log and the trucks didn’t break. It was also a lot more expensive than these completes from blueprint etc.

I guess, are they the same quality is the question?