Cliche 2.0 vs Blueprint 3.0

Going by Ex Blueprinters and the ex forum thread, it’s correct, only have to do a quick google to see the stores they are in.

I mean, the brands won’t mean shit to anyone buying them from these stores, so why bother wasting the coin in doing so?

No disrespect to Dan but Daclin would murder him in seconds.
No amount of witty repartee is going to stop Jeremie - he’s built like a brique de chiotte


Form needs a good call out then.
I get that business is business and they are probably struggling too but damn, pretty cunty as SOS’s are closing all the time.
Can we all feel happy about all this and accept it as natural cycle of change?

To be fair, I can’t see any Blueprint product on the Sports Direct website but there’s still Habitat, Baker etc. decks on it (even though they were meant to have been removed). Form seem to be selling them to Skate Hut, Route One, Rollersnakes etc. at the moment.

Looks like they have been taken off sports direct then, I have screen of them on there before

Find me a distributor that don’t have a nice car or flies to Agenda first class, il be back next week.

To be right, just been told the Blueprint sports direct thing was error on sports directs part, only up for 6 hours, for no reason or no knowledge to form, so fair fair.

Anyone know who put Welcome Harmony, Habitat, Zero and Zukie on there? To be fair it’s all dog shit artwork and all that, but should they be letting SOS have these at price point to make a buck on?

Not an error that Matt Anderson from Form decided to license Blueprint and use all my artwork on cheap completes under a different distribution and never think to mention it to myself or any of the people that really made the company what it was though. *sees Matt Anderson at various premieres and events in the run up to this happening… Matt, smiles and waves hello…

I think I’m having trouble wondering why dudes who are like, not suits, would bother doing this as they know everyone involved in the first place?

I also just don’t get the point of buying the IP of Blueprint just to wack on shit completes? Maybe I’m just thick, but if going to make cheap completes to sell to kids in bulk , I’m going make them with current graphics, like Cats Tossing off on a bed of weed leaves and get Dechuna on board

Anyone know how much they paid for the name?

Alex, an ex-dwindle employee who works for Matt and Steve’s new venture told me via instagram they set up one company to distribute Primitive here :

and another one that does all the complete setups including the Blueprint ones :

I mean… they are trying to make money from skateboarding. Ok cool. If that’s what you want…

Not sure why they needed to bring back a zombie Blueprint instead of making Reaction or New Deal Complete set ups instead.

Just seems like a bent way to go to flog completes not forgetting a massive slap in the face to all involved.

I take it Girl and co wouldn’t allow their art and name printed on such shit products (i don’t know they are shit but the price points to deep China)

Yeah, the bit that makes no sense to me is surely the most likely customer is a parent or kid who knows nothing about skateboarding. So, to run names which only mean something to people who have been around for years is really odd.

Maybe the names were just super cheap and as they came with saleable artwork already done, it was cheaper than getting someone to whip up something and hope it resonated?

Strange it wasn’t Reaction or New Deal being resurrected as those dudes were behind those brands - although Cliche does make sense as one guy was a heavy at Dwindle previously.
BP just seems random as fuck.

Maybe they are doing it so they can do reissues down the line?

Yeah, Reaction would have been perfect for this shit. Maybe they didn’t want to sully their old name or legacy, if there even was one, Just shit on someone elses baby.

I don’t think using Blueprint was such a strange choice.

  • New Deal has been long gone
  • Reaction was just laughable
  • Blueprint has strong British heritage and is still remembered fondly, despite it’s recent turd of an incarnation

Ready made graphics and strong visual identity is another plus, as @Londonskater pointed out. We’re getting to the point where the people buying these pricepoint boards are old skate dads, and I’m sure they identify with the brand more than all the others.

Weren’t you on Reaction? or am I totally misremembering that?

I was.


True on the brand identity front, just look at Fallen 2.0 and C1rca v7.2.03 or what ever.

Fuck it, I’m going to licence the Decca name on some 7.5 decks

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Na man, the only deck I could afford in my local one time was a Reaction. In one day It survived being run over by a bus by shell centre and meanwhile tommy launched it over the Stockwell wall into Romeo from So Solid Crews Benz. Not even a delam!

If the real Blueprint was still going today, who would be on your team?

Let’s say like 6 (not 8. Definitely not 8) pros and 4 ams…