Conor Charleson’s slight inclination by Dan Magee

Really, really good section by Welshman in London Conor Charleson.
Lots of walls, some meltdowns, thoroughly handsome man.
Curated (and part filmed) by magee

Lots of hard work went into this and I’m sure Conor is both happy and relieved it’s over ha!
I drew the pictures and am really happy to have made some small contribution to a magee project


Loved every second of this! Bravo everyone

Yes been waiting for this! CSC’s top vert skater.

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That was sick, Magee is the best

Loved the pictures Greg! The part is amazing, I’ve known Conor since he was a grom and I’d never have anticipated him filming a part with Magee haha.



Love Conor. Totally unique skill set.

Incredible part. Really liked this.

Great spots, great skating. Expertly assembled.

He’s like our very own AVE

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Corrected for you

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The best!!!

The Odd Couple smashed it! So good…


All around good, pukka edit.

I dug that.

Did Magee film him for Cover Version?

We both filmed everyone. Feel like it was a pretty even split.
I think I filmed more of Lintells stuff and Dan filmed more of Charlie, IIRC.
We kind of looked at it when we were exporting it and it randomly seemed pretty much 50/50 between us. As it was meant to be.


Yer such a sick video. Can you still buy it anywhere? I never picked up a copy. And where can I buy Whitlocks vid? @jwdharris16

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If you DM Boltsinc on insta he’s got Sulis USB sticks…

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Thanks all