Continually updated beat francois lunch v2.0

Just seen this and it’s blown my mind.

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Damn going to try that tonight!

Woah! I’m working from home today and not sure if I can wait 'til later to try… :smiley:

Please report back if it’s actual magic.


Continually updated cooking hacks/ beat francois’ lunch.

Had a quick go while making a cuppa…

Not sure if incompetence or fake news.

Needs more testers…

I’m genuinely wondering if it’s fake.

The knife they use is super fat so I wonder if you need that integrity to pop the garlic straight out you won’t get with a regular paring knife?

I absolutely hate peeling garlic.

When I use garlic, I only need one clove so I don’t know what / how much she’s making.

Nip the ends off, little slit down the middle, job done.

Still want it to be real though.

one clove lol.

i use garlic so much i just get the jar of ready peeled ones.

garlic is so good, just need to figure out more ways to get it inside my mouth, quicker. Going to try the knife thing, but it’s wedge shaped meaning there’s some grip to pop it out.

My mum taught me this:

  • pop the clove out of the bulb (in skin)
  • put it on the chopping board
  • lay your knife flat on it and give it a thud or two with the palm of your hand

Just falls out of the skin then once you cut the end off.

That’s just the bog standard peeling technique though?

Short of doing that you’re just down to verbal threats to get at the garlic.


That’s the regs technique and the skin gets all mixed in with the garlic then my fingernails smell for 2 days. Rinse and repeat.


I once asked my chef housemate what the best way to peel garlic was. He said “get someone else to do it”. Top tip



Although success was moot because I still had to chop and mince them. It totally worked though. Clean out.


Nice one Les.

Note to self: Must try harder.

Did it not work with a thousand onions before you turned your attention back to garlic?

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Made a mess trying that garlic hack,

Proper hearty casserole pre goskateday session

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Just discovered this thread, feeling honoured.

I just browsed my phone and I haven’t taken a food picture in 10 days!

I went to Poland last month and made that Polish soup at home last week. It’s a pickled cucumber soup with smoked trout. It’s easy to make and well good.

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I don’t think you could pay me to eat that!

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It was fantastic, but then again I quite like Eastern European cuisine.

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