Continually Updated Decent Graphics

Not a fan

Is Rowley a gun nut now as well?

According to his nine club, he ‘partakes’.

So yes, probably.

Are those ironically bad or just regular bad?

I’m not keen on the name either.

It’s no Freedumb clothing. Put it that way.

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Always felt a disconnect between Freedumb and Drehobl. Like, the graphics were too ‘soft’ for someone like him, even though he drew them

I dunno, he does seem like the kinda guy that would piss on a cat.

Fuuuuck never knew Lance copied it, cheeky fucker

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Super rad. On to another one of your trademarks: Where did the Doughboy come from and why do you think it has become so popular?

I wish it didn’t. It was a complete rip-off of something else.

He comes from an era where graphics were simple and stripped-down. At the time, I just wanted to do a simple stripe graphic going under from truck-to-truck. I had all these different schemes to try and get it produced, one of which came from this little animation pamphlet showing how to draw this guy.

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Ah well at least he fessed up. Never knew it was a rip off.

I don’t understand that insta post, what’s the context?
I get the copied doughboy graphic bit but only from ^^^ buildas post above.

its an album, you have to click on the link and go forward.
basically the LM classic doughboy graphic isn’t original.

Thanks! I couldn’t work it out either.

Not too bothered that the LM graphic isn’t original. Nice to see where it came from though.

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Love these


Damn. Those are some sick graphics!!

Really want to read the small print and see what they’ve buried in there.

Never seen this before

Thought we’d finally found a skateboard with a skeleton and a bong on it for a second, but no.

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Like this Science one, it’s kinda stylish.

Are Science basically an American company now?

Edit: Oh and they still have that puking cat board available that people seem to love. Though it’s only in a cruiser shape and in black and white. Original was blue I think?

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