Continually Updated Decent Graphics

Top one is amazing.

Science is British. Seem like good dudes too.

Chris that owns science lives in SF now I think.

Are familia still going? I liked the Muybridge series they did

Yeah, he’s gone off to the states and I think there are some American guys on the team now as well. Kinda like Fos I guess? Heroin seems so American now too.
Never seem to see Science boards in UK skate shops anymore either.

They changed UK distributor a while back.

Yeah, totally. Understandable, but I do miss the old Heroin.


I’m very surprised we’ve got this far without mentioning the 5boro VHS series.


The one based on the Scotch is my particular favourite. Just reminds me so specifically of having to fast forward through adverts on a recording of Tomorrow Never Dies as a little’un.



I’ve got that full set CMOAC


I had Die Hard on one of these, the rest of our blank tapes were the super budget none branded ones.

[quote=“Jurwell, post:47, topic:258, full:true”]
I’m very surprised we’ve got this far without mentioning the 5boro VHS series.[/quote]

Definitely mentioned in this thread on the old forum and I can’t be 100% but possibly the reason why the thread was started.

That one evens fades like the video boxes!

Love a bit of 5 Boro me.


Coorrr those are a bit of alright as well.

Man me too. ‘Everything’s going to be alright’ was one of the first skate videos I ever bought on VHS back in the early 2000s when I first started skating and it was the best, Chris Pulman will always be a legend to me. Everyone around me rode nothing but Heroin, Landscape and Death £35-40 boards for years. British skateboarding was so great back then, plus they had a great team, rad graphics and I could make a board last ages.
Ah to be 13 again, I miss 2002…

Always wanted one of those early Heroin Pullman boards, but was never allowed one. Thanks mum

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EGTBA was my favourite Heroin video too. Glass killed it with the way he put that together.


Intro is the best.

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Ive always liked the World Industries graphics :innocent:

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New Chris Johanson graphics for Anti Hero:

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Quite like that swords graphic

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