Continually updated lovely people

You know the deal.

Lulz at the inclusive title. Just call it hot emo/goth chicks thread for old times sake!


Look at the cup cakes on Nigella!

Shite thread title. Mods get this crock of shit down.

Continually updated Sunday Brunch guests thread…

UFC fighter Paige Vanzant is absolutely unreal outside of the ring.


It’s a no from me.

Title changed to bring in line with 2019


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Yes. So much yes.

Susannah Fielding is perfection.

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Thought we’d done away with that embarrassing thread in the old place.

Yeah you changed the name but sentiment remains, really seems encouraging for new members to join especially women

We could throw this out to a public vote.

For transparency, I’m not really for it.

Yeah I personally think the whole thread was wack from the start but for the sake of the people who are into it think about how it represents you to people coming across this place. I for one, would find a pervy thread like this kinda off putting and would definitely judge those psoting in it negatively

in b4 “oh haven you’re a dickhead to people on there that is offputting too” (I’m aware there is a degree of hypocracy


Let’s talk about early-grabbing carbon boards on vert, and what a good idea Brexit is. Or you contribute something other than negativity and disagreement? Up for either.

Wow, you actually did get inb4. And you’re totally right, your constant dickheadedness is why more than a couple OG forumers no longer post.


Gonna need names and proof on that one mate, PM if you’d prefer

Can you not see that this sort of thread is pretty archaic and not really a good look for a place like this. It feels like the sort of thing that would fly 20-30 years ago in the early days of internet message boards

Fair enough, I guess it seems like something a football forum would do.

That said, the comment after my post was that person’s first, and it’s not like we’re posting Ed Templeton photos. His Instagram is creepy and sinister. The good looking woman from Partridge in a modelling shot is hardly disturbing.

And yeah, not giving you the sense of pride in actually knowing who you’ve put off.