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See, I kinda agree with my moral head on but with my fun head on which is what places like these should be about I think fuck it! The whole thing is complementary and anyone going too far gets called out on it.
People need to stop being offended on peoples behalf, some women would take offence at the thread but some would be stoked to be featured, women are diverse and not even a woman can speak on behalf of another woman so why would a man be able to?
Women are equal to men and everyone in between, that means equally good and bad, lets treat/judge people on a personal basis rather than gender yeah?

I never said anything about it being disturbing and no NSFW content is being posted but the sentiment behind what is being posted is pretty obvious. I kept quiet about it on the old place (shocker!!!) because it was much more closed off but just feels like the discussions about trying to broaden this place up a bit and attract people sort of goes at odds with this ‘old boys club’ pervy thread

Anyway I’ve made a conscious effort to chill on laying into people which I think I have stuck to for the most part, just seeing this crop up I felt like I should give my two cents as I’m sure others feel the same way.

I’m hardly an avid poster in this thread, and never was, but a salute to the brilliant co-host of This Time seemed timely.

Should we stop objectifying boys on skateboards? Sometimes it feels like people only like those pictures for how the trick looks, which is pretty horrible, surely? Nobody wants to know about him as a person.

But nah, delete this thread by all means. Was just trying to kickstart a different thread.

I’m not trying to speak to behalf of women at all, just trying to see how this looks from an outside perspective when there has been so much talk about trying to broaden this place. Obviously in the grand scheme of the internet this is relatively tame but still a bit cringey

I get you, I do but the forum is a husk as it is, if it gets any tamer we’ll be watching every word we say. It will just be people constantly typing and deleting before they click reply.
We should have a function that show when someone is typing like Discord to see how often it happens.
We might as well change the name from UK as that’s well racist and change it from skate as it’s not inclusive enough so this forum is now called “place for every living organism to discuss politely about slightly more extreme sports than running”


There is a feature showing who is typing already

And you’re over reacting a little here, I’m not trying to say keep this place sanitised at all I just think this sort of thread is a bit dated. Some people seem to not mind so keep it going I’ll just keep away from it.

of course i’m overeacting, i’m taking the piss.

Talking about which Vans are best to skate vert in is dated.

Hahaha true

While my days of Rosa on my wall are well and truly over. Younger skaters don’t want to talk about which family estate car is the best? They want to have threesomes and get into fights in woolworths. Haha.



I don’t know anything about football but is that European? Don’t want to offend the Brexit supporters here.

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Please stop with the SJW bullshit. People fancy people; people talk about fancying other people and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. I work in an exclusively (apart from me) highly educated female environment and today the entirety of the conversation has revolved around whether Tom Hardy is fitter Cillian Murphy. I got involved too (Cillian’s eyes obviously but you know Tom would protect you :wink:).

Sanitizing the whole world serves no purpose. We are not Donald Trump, we are not Harvey Weinstein, there is a balance and people are allowed to discuss attractiveness as a feature. It undermines genuine issues to be such a fucking snowflake.


And now I’m annoyed at you even more because I’ve had to use the term snowflake!

I think it only fair to put it to a vote. Closes 23.59 on Friday night 5th April 2019.

Al entries are completely anonymous, even to mods/techies.

Kill this thread?

  • Yeah, kill it
  • Nah, leave it

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You are totally missing the point here mate. Also cut it out with all this ‘SJW’ ‘snowflake’ shite too, that has nothing to do with what I was saying.

There was a similar thread in the old forum which I always found a bit cringe, yeah no shit people find other people attractive and people chat about this kind of stuff. But to me there is a bit of a difference between face to face brief chats amongst mates/ colleagues down the pub or something and it all being typed up and left publicly on a message board.

I wasn’t coming from a ‘PC gone mad’ angle, more that we moved this forum to a new site and there was a lengthy discussion about making this place more recognised and attract some new faces. Maybe this was wishful thinking I don’t know but just think a thread like this could easily be misconstrued. To the people on here they know each other and it is a bit of a laugh but at the end of the day whether you like it or not not everyone is down for that sort of permanent, public chat being left on here and was simply trying to point out how it could looks from the outside.

Gender aside I think having this sort of thing is off putting to a lot of people, especially when seen out of context. People coming across this place may not have a clue that peoples personal relationships on this forum go back years and years which isn’t something a lot of forums can say and you wouldn’t strictly assume that.

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Mad that Mumsnet is more exciting than a skateboard forum now. It’s a wonder they have any activity at all, with the things they talk about there.

Also Tom Hardy in Legend is better than anything Cillian Murphy will do in his entire life.

You don’t have to look in the thread or post in it, I tend to skim over threads like this because I’m here for the carbon deck vert discussions.

Plus the thread seems tasteful enough, acknowledging lovely people, not restricted to women.