Continually updated running thread

Ahhh that’s why you put in ‘your kit’.
I thought that was just for flexing.


im using Nike downshift 9 I think they are, managed to get them in the sale. I’d like to go some where and get my running assessed and then I can get the right shoes rather then just winging it.

I can only think of sweatshop but I’m sure there’s a load of places that do them now. You might be fine if you’re already running in a neutral shoe and not experienced any problems.

Sounds like sciatica…?

Up and Running do an assessment on a treadmill using video for free, if you’ve got one near you

I wouldn’t wear zero drop shoes if you gave me them. All the people I know who have worn them have ended up with tight achillies/calves in the long term and one person with crippling plantar fasciitis. So unless you are as nimble as a yogi I would stay clear or wear them minimally.

Peg 37’s-Dont like mine and I gave worn many pairs of 34’s and 36s which I would have again.

I wear Hoka Rincon and Cliftons as everyday shoes… absolute luxury comfort for my hoofs.


Anyone with Instagram and likes wearing hats check out @teamvaga

This a new small business local to me owned and run by 3 runners.

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Nice. Whats the film mentioned?

As far as I’m aware they were meant to be making short edits/profiles of some of their team at various races but obviously most of those got cancelled… I also forgot to mention a small amount from each sale goes to Mind UK.

Urgh, the last 3 or 4 runs have suuuucked.
Just can’t do it, feel like my legs and body have set concrete in them.
I usually start out well l, get a bit rubbish and then magically manage to get in the zone and everything’s great but lately I just can’t get in the zone stall.
As far as I’m aware nothin else has changed.
I’ll keep at it.

I find my legs/lungs/ligaments and tendons all get stronger as three separate groups and at different rates. Like, for a few runs it’s as if my lungs have got stronger and cope fine but my legs are catching up so they’re really achey. Then as you do longer/faster runs my legs are fine but your lungs are burning. Maybe your legs are just getting used to something you’re doing different/more of?

Been stripping the kitchen all day so no time to run decided to brave it this morning and it was really good. Loved it. I guess just needed time off.


Think I’ve got the new running habit going. Starting to feel the flow come on so I pushed myself a little further today. Bitter cold out though!


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