Continually Updated YouTube Thread

Short but sweet. Can’t believe I’ve never seen this with 44M views.


This was a YT suggestion. I stuck it on this morning whilst stretching. It’s alright. The reason I’m posting it is for Hawk’s awkward moment at 6:10 when Jason Ellis mentions his daughter’s ridiculous eyebrows. There’s another mention of eyebrows at 15:10ish. Just the word eyebrows gets Tony on edge. Unfortunately it doesn’t lead to the elephant in the room question of, ‘ wtf is up with yours Tony?’.

Popped up on feed & an interesting overview of radio payola in 1987…

We might need a thread dedicated to Mosher Drops…?

Mosher drop or not, that is rad!

It’s called ‘Boarders’. WHY?

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Hostel enthusiasts?

Useful to know

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They’d read that Spectator article by that right Toby (Young)?

This is some bad juju synergy.


ngl was hoping it would float in the air or something

Haha - I’d try it if I didn’t think it would make me jump!!

Can’t stop watching this.


I thought scatting was shitting on each other? :man_shrugging:

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yep, that too. Scat, as I know it, comes from jazz where the vocalist just yells skibbydibbydabbledoo or other meaningless jibberish over the top. As in, he’s talking shit, which gives that Scatman John tune a bit of a crazy meaning.

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Happy Birthday!


It doesn’t have to be shit though. Some people do it really well.

Here’s one of the masters.

This performance is epic, I think it’s cool as fuck, especially after the breakdown at 2 mins ish.

Hendrix did it too sometimes. My guitar teacher used to make me do it all the time, to help plan phrasing and improve musicality of solos. Stops you playing meaningless gibberish on the guitar for the sake of it.

You can notice Robert Glasper doing it a bit here. Not sure if it’s deliberate though, definitely not meant to be part of the performance.


This guy makes some amazing videos interviewing people on the fringes of society. He has followed up with this inbred Appalachian family and it’s like there’s a million untold stories in the background.


Will check that tomorrow, the Appalachians are so strange as an area anyway, bet there are some right horror stories up there

Yeah he’s done a few up there. Moonshiners and stuff.

The first interview with this family is here: Inbred Family-The Whittakers - YouTube

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