Continually Updated YouTube Thread

Watched these not long ago after going to see the Van Eyck again.

Really want him to do one on Holbien’s Ambassadors. That is fucking incredible to stand in front of.

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Totally! Learning how skin works, and where all the muscles and stuff are… So good.

The Rothko one was great. Thought I ‘got’ him, but not even close. Full appreciation now.

Or to stand to the side of


Is there a Cy Twombly one?

Nah don’t think so.
I don’t get anything from his work personally.

This guys storytelling is so good I had to look him up to see if it was real.

His Wikipedia is nuts. What a life.


Yeah I watched that the other day. Pretty incredible

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Mini documentary to support the appeal for new skate facilities in Cardiff. Made in association with Spit and Sawdust skatepark and CSC.

If anyone fancies filling out the survey to help get stuff built click below:

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I’m actually mates with Johnny, and he is an absolute master on rock. In the 80’s he was one of the best climbers in the world and can still completely hold his own. Its brilliant watching him outclimb climbers half his age, with his little pot belly and tweed jacket lol.
He’s also probably the most eccentric person I’ve ever spent time with. One of those people that is an absolute joy to be around but you need a little lie down and a rest after spending the day with him :slightly_smiling_face:


WTF? he’s a goat

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He’s a legend, don’t know him but belayed him up Whillans Traverse last year. No climbing shoes, just some beat up runners and a grannys cardigan on.

Seems a little bitter that he didn’t get any sort of financial success from climbing like some of his peers though ?


Haha I read this as “G.O.A.T” then watched the video and said “shit, he really is an actual goat”


Did he try and flog you his autobiography? :sweat_smile:
He always has a few copies on him just in case.

Yeah and a few DVDs ha!

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