Corinium - The Decimal Skate Store Video

Here’s the footage of Ollie’s rail attempts that I spoke about.


Mad slams. has he 50-50d it or anything or was it just straight to smith?

No warm ups. Just started chucking himself into smith grinds.


Nice one James! Gutted I’ve been so busy, plus Covid rumshenanigans etc that I missed the premiere, but stoked I can watch it online now!

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No worries PD, hope all is good at your end and I hope you like the video!

Don’t laugh but he would have landed that if he waxed the rail.

Read the interview @hugo, he did wax it! (Seriously don’t feel that you need to, I know how little time one has as a parent)

Good lad. Looked like he struggled with a bit of resistance but it’s a double kink which I have no experience of lol.


If I was there I’d have yelled to wax it too. Also “JUST LEAN BACK!” as if I can Smith grind a kinked rail


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