Everything about that thumbnail is horrifying.


@voodoo in username related weird shit

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I remember Chico. Amazing sing along theme tune. I watched it a couple of months ago. My wife came in whilst it was on and stood there for a minute and left the room shaking her head mumbling about how I watch the weirdest stuff. I was going to post it but you beat me to it. I think I might have seen it at Saturday morning cinema rather than on TV, (alright Grandad, haha).

I have a feeling that in the current Covid situation a rewatch of Survivors might be in order, (or not). I might just dig up something cheery and escapist though, like Omega Factor :wink:

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You always knew you were in for a shit time when this came on.


I’ve never seen past the opening credits, perhaps it was amazing.

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White dogshit and porno mags in the bushes, eh lads?


I miss the white dog shits.

This but for real


It’s not so funny in real life.

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Had the vaccine this morning. Feeling fine and normal so far.

But while I’m here I would just like to take a moment to say how much I am enjoying using Microsoft Teams to stay connected and organized. And to accomplish more across work, school, and life. Microsoft Teams!



CTRL+C / CTRL+Ving this when my time comes.

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The real test will be if you hear this the second you wake up in the morning…


You can throw away your Alexa now



UK snow: Large crowds gather in Leeds for snowball fight


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Fuck sake man, this is why its going to carry on forever.

Old weird kids TV etc, anyone remember Chocky?

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Spoke to my mum earlier. She’s a school governer and apparently they have all been asked to help administer lateral flow tests as the teachers themselves aren’t supposed to. Another genius idea from the government.

If i hadn’t shouted at her she would have gone in and done it. She’s 67 years old. I don’t think my dad knew either. She was like, ‘oh it’ll be fine I’ll be wearing a mask’. No mum, you’ll die.

I swear, I’m going to have to lock her inside if this goes on much longer.

that’s nuts

In “The Before Times” I’d have thought this was fucking brilliant. Just makes me dismayed for the future now. People are so short-sighted and will seriously endanger lives just for the sake of a bit of instant gratification. Are we really that bored as a nation that we can’t wait another year to lob snowballs at strangers.

@BvS that situation with your mum is frightening. Just another point of governmental organisation of things during this pandemic that’s made me just shake my head in disbelief.

Yep. I looked forward to the weekly episodes bitd. Here you go.

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