Is the July target everyone having their first jab or both? My main worry now is with the first jab offering a decent amount of protection, combined with the natural decrease in transmission due to the improving weather, we’re going to see a very steep drop in death rates (hopefully) before everyone’s completed their vaccinations. I could see that leading to a huge amount of people just not bothering to go back for their second round, or even a lot of younger people who haven’t had it yet just not bothering in the first place.


I think it takes a little while to fully kick in even after your second jab so it’s going to be aaaages until we’ve all had that.

First jab. And yeah I agree.

The other issue is that the jab doesn’t reduce transmission, it protects against the serious symptoms (I think that’s right anyway), so it’s still looking dicey for the younger people who will get it last. Granted theres less risk but it still happens. And a good reason not to open up the travel industry yet.

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I think there’s data now to show what they had hoped/expected which is that the vaccines do reduce transmission significantly.

I think it reduces transmission, but doesn’t eliminate you getting it and passing it on like most people would assume. Different vaccines vary in this regard as well

Oh cool! Happy about that

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June 21st - National Burglary Day

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Because everyone is washing their hands, wearing masks and been in lockdown:

Anyone got any recommendations for decent masks? I’ve got a big ol’ head so the standard ones need constant adjusting and Ive got to get a decent comfortable one that I’ll have to wear for a fair few hours so don’t want to be too hot or fiddling with it.

Thanks in advance



I meant other than masks I already have obvs




I’ve been using these, most breathable ones I’ve had. Passed the getting on train after riding bike without wanting to pass out test. Also large swede and large fits good

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Very interested in these reports that long covid sufferers are seeing their symptoms improve after vaccination. I would very much like to taste food properly again.

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Still gone? fuck, that’s mental!

Reports here of people with fake vaccine certificates attempting to leave the country (getting caught at the airport). Mad.

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