Everyone showing their age now.

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Haha, I’m NHS staff which is why I’ve had it sooner. I am also pretty old though.

Managed to get mine by the back door. By chance I heard of somewhere in a neighbouring town that were advertising a surplus, so I jumped on it.

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Haha, yeah, same here. ‘Only’ 43 so who knows when I’ll get it.

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Can update with the fact that this has been incredibly unpleasant (swabbing nose and throat every Wednesday and Sunday) but I’m shocked by the efficiency of it. Order a box, they come either the next day or day after, once you’ve set your account up submitting your results is a piece of piss with confirmation by email and text. Along with the vaccine rollout, I have to say it’s encouraging that, every now and then and despite their best efforts, our government can actually handle some things rather well.

Vaccine update: had the blood clot version and had a pretty bad reaction to it (although no blood clots yet, touch wood!). Spent all night shivering/sweating with intense headache and muscle/bone aches and got no sleep. I’m feeling better 48 hours later, just got a sore arm. Anyone else had the AZ and had a reaction to it? I read that those who have had covid often have a more pronounced reaction to the vaccine, which might explain my case. Ironically, these symptoms were far worse than when I actually had it.

For what it’s worth my wife never had covid and has had both jabs and had no reaction whatsoever to it.

I had a pretty similar reaction to you, though it lasted a bit less time (24 hours). I’m also genetically prone to blood clots.

Oh bloody hell, that must have been quite a stressful time! Have you already had covid?

Had the vaccine before the clot thing really hit the news. I’m on antiplatelet medication anyway. I’m pretty good at not worrying about stuff like that. Go by statistics and not anecdotal evidence.

I had Covid in December. Apparently having had it previously can intensify the reaction as your body already has an idea of how to fight it.

At least you know the vaccine is doing something!

Don’t want to worry you but I’m pretty sure it’s meant to go into your arm


Yeah I’m not sure that was a Covid vaccination bro.

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I only felt a little prick


Yeah I had it and was fucked for a couple of days.
Felt like a 50 pint hangover.

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yeah i had mine at 12.45, fine all day, slept 45 mins then barely slept all night exactly as you’ve described. took the day off work and slept till 2pm, woke up feeling absolutely sound.

everyone young(ish) i know who’s had it has had at least 24 hours of feeling shite, parents are both mid 60’s and had no effects at all. weird one

Apparently it’s because your immune system declines as you get older so less response to the vaccine.

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Big ol queue outside the barbers this morning.

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I think I’m just going to stay unkempt until they’ve got through the backlog.

I don’t get this Primark addiction some people have, it’s weird.


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