Mine went fine. Feeling a bit wibbly but had a cold already so it might just be that.

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Honestly this may seem like an overreaction but I am absolutely buzzing. My needle phobia is proper gnarly so the fact I got through is unreal. No shame gonna give myself self props for this one. Feels like a huge step back to some sort of normality too!


hey that’s no small deal at all! my wife is terrified of needles as well and is really deliberating whether she’d get the vaccine anytime soon (she’d have to be there on her own). massive props to you for going and getting it. bigup

100% part of my fear. The staff were great,
I’d took headphones to distract myself and while I messed about putting them in and getting music on they just did it. No time to think about it, it was done.

you deserve a large glass of whisky (maybe not today, you’ve only just had it :smiley: )

Not a whisky fan but had a couple of Guinness at the local on the way home just to calm down from the adrenaline rush haha.


rofl joker

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I went to Insta after reading this and there it was! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Story checks out.

Nice one Brewer.


I see Bill and Melinda are getting divorced.
They must’ve fallen out over the nano-bot campaign - wankers.
I’m going to suck my vaccine out and spit it into their faces.


Just had my first hit, Boots in Durham - really efficient, in & out 20 mins



Just had Pfizer. Stoked.




Things are looking up

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BaF doesn’t have enough blood in the rest of his body when it stands up.


I heard if he passes out it acts like a kickstand until he regains consciousness, just propped there all stable, waiting.

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Windows 95 has hit me hard today. Spent the day in bed feeling god awful. Half expected it so not too worried. Be glad when it’s over.

How many Guinness did you put away afterwards?

Haha, just the one believe it or not! It’ll pass. For how awful I have felt all day doing nothing and just watching tv and sleeping has been quite a pleasant change.

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36 hours deep and feeling fine bar a slightly tender arm. Had a bit of general wonkiness but I had that pre vaccine due to a cold.

I assume it’s because I am mighty.


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