Expressing admiration for Enoch Powell’s probably worse than not dressing your age to be fair.


Then back tracking and saying “I was drunk, and Im mates with BB King and Muddy Waters” as the ultimate “im not racist Ive got loads of black mates” card too.

“Incredible guitarist” and “fuckwit” can coexist in one person


Fucking boring guitarist morelike. I’d rather watch someone die slowly than watch his hand slomo up the blues scale

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Cmooooon broooo

Like he’s no Yngwie but in the 60s he wrote some great fun songs with cream. His live bluesier versions of his own songs are great. Tears in heaven is deep

He’s ruined all of this by being a fucking twat but still

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Heroin Clapton > Drunk Clapton > Sober Clapton

Cream and Blind Faith and even the Dominoes were good. I wasnt fussed by the Armani rolled up suit earring phase.

I saw him at the Albert Hall about 10 years ago. He was really good.

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Nope, I’ll always kinda like White room of course and I can put up with some songs he had a hand in but fucking hell, is he overated as a player. I’m not even one for showy speed either, quite the opposite.

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Shocker , another person who did way to many drugs (of which were knocked up in dodgy makeshift dirty labs) is anti vaxx nut.


No, collecting Kaws figures in your sixties is definitely worse ( joke, like the first one )

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A lot of people in the scene never forgave him for what he wrote off as drunken ramblings (and didn’t ever really apologise for). Good overview here if you have the time/inclination: Did Eric Clapton Once Unleash a Racist Rant Onstage? |

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Gets brought up all the time, rightly.

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If you missed it the first time around…

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Don’t cower from this everyone.

“Tanzania’s former president John Magufuli, who died in March, had refused to accept vaccines after he claimed three days of prayer had healed the country of the virus in June 2020”

This is why religion has no place in politics or government. Fuck


If you tried to start a new religion you’d be crucified (lol) so it’s ridiculous that the old ones are still fine.


Tell that to the fucking Mormons or Scientologists

Trust America to allow bat shit crazy to be legitimate


The difference between a religion and a cult is about 200 years, time legitimises everything.

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I’ve been involved in a number of cults, both as a leader and a follower. You have more fun as a follower. But you make more money as a leader.


Just never drink the Koop-Aid if you’re a follower.

Ffs! That’s a whole next level! Let’s hope there’s finger prints for the police to use .

Bat shit cunts

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