I’m not on both sides, read what I say. I am pro vaccine, I believe everyone should have it, it’s the right thing to do. But i’m open to seeing other sides of this shit show even if it’s just to dismiss them. There is a difference.

Ok, cool, you’re good, I was wrong. So sorry.

haha. I just gave up because it’s futile not because i’m wrong or sorry, but take that win by all means.

This feels familiar somehow.

Loving this


morning ha ha


Fuck man, you’re Alanis Morrisette in your irony.

I think we’re both pig headed and will argue our honour to the point of no return, this is pointless.
I would say, just read back and how how angry you come across, you’re 0-60 like that Plaid car, probably handle as well too, dangerously. That’s my only point in this argument, you’re ability to go off the deepend with vein popping results.

Just don’t question England’s performance in the early stages of a Euros or this place will explode


Love your use of the word arrogance. That’s some gaslighting shit right there.

Together Declaration - Welcome to the movement that speaks out against the UK government in response to their handling of the Covid-19 pandemic

This is a petition against mandatory covid passes and mandated vaccines. Personally, I have had 2 pfizer jabs but I don’t think it should be compulsory. We should be allowed to decide and not be threatened with quarantine or being sacked if we are hesitant about uptake.

Nah, fuck em. Sack away boss


Does anyone remember being young and being terrified of going to france in case you got rabies


or the AIDS adverts from the 80’s


I was TERRIFIED of mad cow disease as a kid

Also when I learned that the sun will one day explode and consume the earth. Had nightmares for weeks.

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I agree but I only agree in an ideal world. When your ICU’s are struggling or just the healthcare system in general and you can see vaccines will help that then what other options are there?

It’s the sort of thing that actually makes me glad I’m not a politician who has to make the kind of call they’ve had to make in Germany and elsewhere.

I’m terrified second time round


Well, in the earlier post I was writing that the trial data (for the pfizer jab) has still not been released on which the FDA approved the vaccine in the US. In UK, it was released under a TUA (temporary use authorisation) by the MHRA only 4 months after the clinical trials were registered.

So you want to see the data of the initial testing, yet it’s been used on millions of people across the world where real time data is available?

What are you hoping to find out that won’t already be happening with the populations vaccinated since the approval ?


Condescending mode on.

This is better Mick, calmly arguing about the details in someones post.


thumbs up

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