Definitely grew up getting bullied at school and posting on 4chan


Moran has tweeted regularly about the Covid-19 pandemic, describing those who have been vaccinated as “dangerously misguided”. On 28 September 2021, Press Gazette reported Moran was in the process of being suspended by The Telegraph for the sustained targeting of palliative care physician Rachel Clarke on Twitter. Moran’s tweet suggesting Clarke should be “verbally abused” for advocating the wearing of face masks, was removed by Twitter for breaking its guidelines.[4]


Yeah but if you made our bar green it’s not so bad


Yeah but wage growth mate


Wrong thread oops!

One of the nursery staff have tested positive and had to make a snap call about letting my son stay in there or take him home. Had to leave him in there because of work.

Gah. Horrible.

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My wife just had a ping. It’s my week in the office this week, so I had to go in and grab all of my hard drives and do my best to avoid every living being.

Fingers crossed she comes back negative, I’m sure it will. She’s completely fine and got the ping from being in a museum which she said was very quiet, plus everyone was masked up.

I’m off to meet my work colleagues for the first time. I started my job last September and this is the first time I’ve ever actually met them. 2021 is weird.


What do I need to do for travel to Spain?

I literally found too many different answers…

Not a lot I think.

Only real answers will be these:

I’m double vaccinated so just the passport then.

Proof of that, and a ‘pre-travel declaration form’, whatever that might be, I guess.

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Need to get to Barca ASAP,

Is your King of MACBA 4 round soon then?


What colour passport?

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Fucking burgundy boiiiiii!

And my covid one.

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Same here, did that 2 days ago. We’ve all been working remotely over the past year and haven’t met each other in person until the other night…

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