Weird as fuck right? Felt like I was meeting someone from the telly

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Were there some people a lot shorter or taller than you thought? And maybe a few faces that look different in 3D?
My boss has a wonky eye which doesn’t show on Zoom


Our account at work died from Covid earlier this week aged 42. No underlying health problems that we know of and had been double jabbed. Scary shit.

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Yeah our Managing Director - super fit, late 40s - is double jabbed and has been off with Covid. She said it was absolutely brutal having it, even with the vaccine

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So I think I’m well into week 3 of I can’t believe it’s not covid. Every morning and evening I’m coughing up fluid had 3 PCR tests and umpteen flow tests in the past month. My taste went funny for half a day which freaked me out but I’m still negative. I am fucking done with it I just want to got for a skate or for a pint, during the day I feel okay but by the evening I’m a wheezing mess.

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It was more like meeting people from here for the first time, although we all knew what each other looked like. The lack of blurry zoom backgrounds and filters was really odd, ha.

Haha, not quite, but I’ve had this before working in live TV. Far too often I wouldn’t recognise half of our presenters before the show without glam hair or make-up, but the 2D/3D thing also contributed.

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Nahhh it’s fine mate :+1:

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Double jabbed and booster jabbed wife has come back positive. Bollocks.

Balls. Hope she’s okay

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Cheers boss. Hopefully my main issue stays with what to do for childcare. She’s ill but more like coldy ill so fingers crossed.

Need to hoof it up to Barnard Castle at some point but can’t remember what the official gov advice is on that anymore.


It’s funny as I live near there, I thought you where being serious for a second. As it’s not usual to hear someone here say, “Just nipping to Barnard Castle.” and mean it. Then I remembered. Haha.

Looking for WMDs with the angles now


Daily cases almost at 50k now :grimacing:

The bottom left number is the only one they’re bothered about I think at the moment? Do they know yet how long the double jab will protect you for?

Creeping up and getting close to home again…Sons school want masks on site from today. Daughters school announced similar last week but kids/parents we know have had it. Fingers crossed it isn’t another bad winter but who knows :grimacing:

The UK has 20% of all the world’s covid cases apparently? 1 in 5.

An idiot being harassed by other idiots!



It feels like this is exactly what happened hitting November last year? Boris saying everything was fine and Christmas will be one big party… cut to December and people sat having Christmas for one in lockdown.


I had my booster yesterday.


And the whole “here’s half term, a perfect opportunity for a ‘firebreak’ lockdown” but nothing

They removed every precaution - masks and everything. They’re never gonna be able to bring anything back now


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