I watched it quite a few times at Boris’ numerous garden parties. Was hard to get a good view of the screen behind all the people there. Jolly good fun though.


Going for Booster today. Work is so mental I really don’t want to feel shit.

Wife just did a LFT and got an incredibly faint positive.

Ive got to do one in a minute once Ive finished my lunch and she’s retaking it.

Its our little lad’s 5th birthday party on Saturday so all hell will break loose if we can’t do that

I wonder if some of this explains why there’s seemingly quite a number of skaters who seem to have fallen down the anti-vax rabbit hole.


It’s across the board with these guys:

Nice, balanced, objective view. A rare thing these days :sweat_smile:

Anyone have any experiences they can share of getting back into exercise after covid? I currently have covid but in two days can leave isolation but feeling like I get tired after climbing the stairs. I usually exercise every weekday and want to get back into my routine as soon as I can.

I think there’s a correlation between either having taken loads of drugs, having a god complex, having a huge ego and being a nazi where you think you just don’t need the vaccine.


“If something happens to me, it’s on me, not someone else,” Slater wrote. “And for people saying listen to the doctors, I’m positive I know more about being healthy than 99% of doctors.” The surfer has no medical qualifications.

I’m not entirely sure it has a great deal to do with being healthy (shrugging here)


Been ill for 5 days. Banging sharp headaches, really bad neck on the right and continually exhausted. Negative test on Sunday. Slept a lot Friday and most of the weekend, tried to work Monday (went to dentist as thought it might be teeth issues/dental abscess, nothing on xray) and sacked work off today. Slept most of the day again. No coughs or anything cold-like. Take a test tomorrow morning and get onto the doctors - I have no idea what the hell is wrong with me.

Everyone else is OK in the house, just me who’s borked!

Gunna jump on this and say that the vaccine appeared rushed and untested, but it has passed every level of certification needed for it to go into circulation. This is what scientific progress looks like when money is no object. All the shackles normally placed on stuff like this coming out are literally a matter of funding and backlog. Fund things as required rather than piecemeal, and prioritise approval, and this is how things would be all the time.


Yeah I get what you’re saying, it’s had everything thrown behind it, but it has been rushed. Obviously there will be no long term trials for example. It’s not the case that everything can be done faster if you just chuck money at it. If that was the case our track and trace system would be perfect.

Looking at the options available you have two main choices - rapid development and deployment of a vaccine VS more extensive lockdowns and the long road to natural immunity.

I think the vaccine route is the best way to get through this without killing the economy, the NHS and support services. It’s the logical option of those two choices, but there’s no reason to pretend it’s perfect.

Exactly. Vaccines for flu, Sars and swine flu all contributed to the knowledge base on the Covid vaccine, so it wasn’t like they were starting from scratch with no plan about what to do and when.


Be cautious. Overdoing it too early can really set you back. Start by just going for a walk and see how you feel after that, then build up gradually. Don’t do a 10k run the day you finish isolation! Two minutes of skipping after my first bout of Covid sent me back to bed for a day.


Cheers lad. This was what I didn’t want to hear but also wanted to hear. Frustrating when you’ve a good rhythm going!


Think I saw Wainwright at the back.

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Just had my booster delayed by an anti vax mob in Cov.

The guy at 4:01 sounds like Gadget from This is England.

I have it. I tested positive a couple of days ago. I had a mildly tickly throat for one night, and that’s it. I’m still self-isolating to stop my kids catching it, but if this is the worst it gets after being triple vaccinated, it really is no big deal. Can’t understand why Novak is making such a fuss about not being vaccinated.


It’s because he has a god complex, like Joe Rogan and all those other elitist dickheads.


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