Glasgow’s busiest shopping street, Saturday afternoon, four weeks before Christmas:

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Oxford St looks like that too

Yeah. It was on TV.

Must just be Hertfordshire then.


Middle class scum!

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similar scenes around here

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Went for a walk along the seafront here.
Like a decent day in summer packed.
All outdoors so I guess that’s okay but loads of runners zig zagging between everyone,heavy breathing.

One runner was a biebel lookalike: spherical head, heavily tanned, angular beard and the whitest/fakest teeth you ever did see. Beautiful.

And a mum, dad and toddler in a pushchair ALL wearing the same Yeezys.


Sounds well Covid. You’re gonna be alright. It can last a while but it’ll pass.
My legs were super achey for 2 weeks but I’m all good now. Take care of you and your fam.

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Yeah same, feels like no lockdown here, everyone’s out and about, unsocial distanced dog walks and coffee walks. More cars flying about than I have seen all year. Seem to be lots of shops open than I thought were non essential too.

Same in watford , all the cafes , coffee shops , Greg’s , wilko, b&m , Poundland etc open and heaving when they were closed in the first weeks of lockdown.

I think half the nation has just given up and trying to carry on as normal and complaining about why we need a second lockdown… whilst being the reason for the second lockdown along with governments terrible handling of the pandemic.


It’s just supermarkets and any other shops selling food to takeaway right? I agree that it seems to be getting busier out there though. I’d be interested to see what they decide to do with pubs, I’ve seen a few preparing vastly improved outdoor areas.


Is that Hitchin?


Weird seeing that street sober. That used to be my drinking street. Only reason I ever went there.

Woo, Hull’s not the worst any more.

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