Custom board decks

I am a designer and I’m curious as to whether skaters enjoy designing their own decks or do you just buy a board with a cool design. Would you prefer to design your own if you were shown how?

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It could have almost anything on it if it was the right shape and size. A cool graphic is a secondary considering unless it’s going on a wall

Graphics mean nothing after you start skating the thing, as for the skateboard, it can’t really be improved, it’s been where it needs to be for 20 years, and it’s quite diverse nowadays. Everyone knows how to reshape a deck and anyone interested in the art of it knows how screen printing works, and more up to date, heat transfers… So yeah, there is nothing really to learn. Anyone that wants to, can! it’s not rocket science, otherwise, just go skating.


Ok thanks for your reply

Plenty of actual companies still don’t know how to design a nice looking skateboard.

I wasn’t poopooing your idea, assuming you have one and you’re coming on for market research but skaters just want to skate and graphics mean nothing to most.

If you do want to start something then aim at the collector market with high quality desirable art that people want to put on the wall. Even then though, it’s a tiny tiny market.

If it is market research then they’re going about it the right way. Actually asking first rather than churning out loads of something nobody wants and trying to push it on here.

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Yeah definitely, anyone going in to skate product to make money is gonna be sadly broke. Of course, unless they have enough money to start something with a new feel, pay some amazing skaters straight away and keep it hush until the drop.

I could be wrong…

Sounds like they are thinking about charging for an online course in how to do graphics?

They should hit up Real then.


Not a fan of REAL graphics then?

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They are the worst!

Wasn’t there a best graphics thread once? Or was that worst graphics?

(One thing i did notice in lockdown - Keith Lemon of Bo-Selecta etc is either an ex-skater or fan of skate art - did a home interview(s) in front of a wall of decks)

Really? I wouldn’t say they were Birdhouse bad.

Skate Mafia

World Industries

…had some of the greatest graphics ever.

…but also a lot of flame boy/wet willy ones

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Yeah but that’s not the real World Industries. That’s for yer man with the expensive fingerboards.