Custom board decks

Ye that is basically it mate. I am a designer and I think a lot of businesses just release ideas without speaking to the people that would or wouldn’t use it.
I am looking to create online courses for skaters to be able to create custom board art. If this is something you guys don’t even think about then that is cool.

Thanks for all the comments.

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Is that basically photoshop and illustrator? Or similar software with a scaled up deck template?

People like to rep established companies, basically.

Both mate. We would teach digital and hand drawn/painted.
I have done a lot of research and their are millions of skaters that love custom deck art but I want to gauge if this means you guys are interested in actually doing it

That’s my point , I think most people will YouTube a course and make there own vector templates then draw up graphics from scan of their art or draw pads if there not designing it from illustrator and photoshop.
Don’t mean to piss on your parade. It’s how I’ve learned loads of stuff like this through YouTube. It’s free and loads of it.

Custom art is for the wall, not on a skateboard to ride. Saying that though, I do my own graphic with hand cut vinyl every time I set up a board and forget to even take a pic of each one.
If people want their own graphics, they are usually arty anyway and will do it regardless, on their tape or something, alot of skaters don’t care.
I think you’re aiming at a too small market, you might have to open it up to a wider audience, not just skaters. you’ll make no money, unless you’re just doing it for the love then, knock yourself out.

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Fair play, that is indeed a lot of research. None of them are people I know but all the best.

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Feels like you’re aiming for a very niche audience with this. There are plenty of collectors out there but most of those seem to be into ‘classic’ decks rather than creating their own. It’s the kind of thing that I could see working as a workshop format, where you rock up to a studio with a blank, spend some time learning different techniques then screen / paint / whatever your deck, but as an online course I don’t see it. If you don’t have design skills then learning the specifics of designing for a skateboard is pointless, if you do then a swift Google will tell you everything you need.

If it was somewhere I could upload a graphic and get a deck in the post that might be more appealing (maybe that exists already, I dunno) but to be honest if I want prints for the wall I’ll get prints for the wall. Decks are for skating, and there are plenty of different style brands to choose from.

That said, if you’ve done your research and have a potential audience of millions that sounds like a license to print money. Onto a skateboard.

No it’s good to know these things. I appreciate your feedback

Cheers for this. I have found millions love the designs but that doesn’t mean they would want to do it themselves. Plus, it’s not something you want to get wrong as decks aren’t like a sheet of paper where you make a mistake and throw it away.

Thanks for your feedback


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I think you should spend your energy pursuing this staggeringly vast market research you’re doing. With the US elections in November, your skills in that field should surely be in demand.

Do you have any designs we can see? Stick a big PROOF over it if you want, I’m just interested what kind of stuff we’re talking about here.

Loads of people at it, who’d pass up Ainsley


You’re wasting an opportunity, just sell your database of millions of skaters that are willing to answer questionnaires to a top market research company for a lot of money!

Holy smokes! How did i not know i needed this!

Some of the glitched out stills in this could be Palace decks.




That’s demonic